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updates from the maghrib

Salaams all…

for the paltry fee of 2800 DH, I made a very wise mental health decision and shortened my visit to Morocco.  (That’s $300 for both my son and I)  To be honest, ever since I decided to go home early, I’ve actually been enjoying myself.  I can tolerate the in-laws weirder aspects, I am enjoying their company more.  So, next week, hubster, child and I will be coming home.  Husband has been of two minds… one he shows to me and one he shows his friends.  He’s yelled at me, been angry, et cetera, in regards to me going home early because he didn’t want to me to come on this trip to begin with, so on and so forth.  To his best friend, who I was talking to the other day, he’s been worried about me and concerned.  Why can’t I see that face????  ARGH.  Marriage is a pain in the ass.

Trip to Fes postponed until Sunday or Monday to make sure that kiddo is feeling better.  I can’t remember if I posted about this or not, but kiddo got sick last weekend and kept fevering and coughing and it went on for four days and nothing was working (the fam finally believed me when THEIR version of ibuprofen didn’t keep his fever away) (but to give credit where its due, moroccan ibuprofen for kids works faster than my US version).  Husband went to see sheikh on monday night, leaving me with sick kid and in-laws.  The next morning, MIL went to the dr. office and got our name on the list and called us when it was our turn.  Anyways, kiddo had bronchitis for which he was prescribed numerous things such as amoxicillian, some cough syrup, and an enfant menthol suppository to be used on this CHEST and not the bum.  Kiddo is doing MUCH better. 

Speaking of the kiddo, since we’ve been here, he doesn’t eat much.  He eats just enough to not be hungry, but you all know how long that will hold a three year old.  He only weighs 30 lbs.  (13 kgs according to doc which worried him)  No matter what we eat for a meal, he only eats paltry amounts.  Its driving hubster and I mad.  Last night,we made kiddo two scrambled eggs with cheese, which he does like at home, but had to force him to eat it after he asked for it.  His grandmother was appalled that I wasn’t making him eat it with bread and she visually told me that it would hurt his stomach if he didn’t eat bread.  Whatever.  Bread just stretches a meal here.  You only need to eat half as muich if you are gobbling bread with your dinner. Duh.  Any suggestions for increasing a kiddos appetite would be much appreciated.  Right now, we are starting to use a new vitamin supplement from the pharmacy that has fenugreek in it.  Maybe it won’t help his appetite, but he might lactate!   (just kidding)

I love how cheap things are here.  There really is the equivalent here of what our parents would call penny candy.  At the juice bar last night, hubster and i bought two huge juices, banana for me and avocado for him, for 2 dollars.  You can ive here incredibly well on american dollars. 

Does anyone have any questions about morocco that I might be able to ansewr or get hubster to answer?  Might as well while i am still here.


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still alive

here i am… still alive and kicking, sort of.

in morocco. yeah.

I am in a sour mood right now and can’t post much.. also my big posts are stuck on the home computer which is not connected to the internet yet. 

the weather is cool, but sunny here.  The house is not heated, so don’t think i am escaping winter.   We all have colds.

havent gone anywhere due to dorky hubster who is a social butterfly here in casablanca.  sucky sucky sucky… more later.

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