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My confesssion

I think this is the first time in my 30 years to make my own schedules and determine my own priorities. Obviously the first 18 were spent prepping for schooling and completing compulsory schooling. The next four were dedicated to additional and required by unspoken demand education. The next eight were spent working, job hopping, building skills and contacts and references. Additionally, I married and had a kid. Six months ago I decided I needed to jump out of the rat race to be a parent. Three months ago I actually did it. I did not do it “be my own boss”, so to speak. I thought my child needed more of my time than my job did. (more…)


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a meme

I am sorry… I am lacking in creative braincells this week.

1. What is your main cell phone ring-tone?

*sigh* I had to be reminded that our dire financial straits required me to give up the cell phone.  I want it back… I hate not being able to call people while I drive… its the only time I can actually talk without having someone interrupt me.

2. What is your default avatar?

A young picture of my son.

3. What station is your car radio permanently tuned to?


4. What is your computer desktop image?

something generic that stored in the computer.

5. Is there something you wear every single day?

besides the usual undergarments, glasses and hoop earrings.  The rest is up for grabs.

6. I wish I had a tracking device on:

my son so I didn’t have to watch him every single blasted second we are out of the house.

7. What page does your internet browser open with?

Yahoo Mail.  Its what I check most.

8. This item never leaves my car/purse:

bank cards

9. What TV show do you never miss?

Curious George.  How embarrassing.  I never get to see anything for myself.

10. What phrase do you hear yourself repeating too often?

STOP!  (followed by : I said that four times!)

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National Pancake Day

Yes, I think with my stomach. So sue me. And I like pancakes… which is why I am going to get me some free pancakes at IHOP tomorrow. Woohoo. Go me. Insha’allah.

Here’s the info from IHOPs website:

Join IHOP to celebrate National Pancake Day (also known as Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday) on Tuesday, February 20, 2007. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., we’ll give you one free short stack (three) of our famous buttermilk pancakes. All we ask is that you consider making a donation to support local children’s hospitals through Children’s Miracle Network, or other local charities.

In 2006, you helped IHOP celebrate National Pancake Day by raising more than $340,000 for charity. In 2007, we hope that together we can top that by giving away enough free pancakes to raise $500,000 for Children’s Miracle Network and other local charities. To find an IHOP location near you, please click here.

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Who was it?

Someone out there didn’t say Masha’allah about the sleep thing.  Blast you!  ARGH!

You know how much you want to scream when you are tossing and turning while your bedmate is off in dreamland?

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Collectively, on the count of three, I want a big masha’allah (or knock on wood if you aren’t Muslim). One, two, three! Masha’allah. *knocking on wood*

The reason for the celebration??

I slept! Good sleep! Nary a psychotic twist and turn was recorded by my SLEEPING brain. For two nights! AND two naps!!!

Watch out world! I might dance on you!

My dreams missed me! Thank god they didn’t involve a rodent, a president or a chess board… the did however, involve a trip to walmart to make a return in which I forgot the receipt and the item to be returned.

Thanks for the good thoughts if you sent them my way.

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Today was like I had my head stuck underwater and was still trying to watch everyone at the same time.  Allergies reared their ugly head forcing me to take daytime Benedryl action.  Benedryl truly do kick allergy-butt, but the price is grogginess.  I took my standard daytime dose of one and it still does a number on me.   I took kiddo to McD’s with the playland to cover for my flagging creativity and energy.  However, on the plus side, I did get a mini nap this afternoon courtesy of Benedryl and Looney Toons (which occupied my son for an hour and a half) which helped make up for my execessive sleeplessness last night.

Lately, I’ve joined a ladies halaqa, a Muslim study group, that meets on Friday nights.  I fought attending for a long time solely due to the fact that I don’t like to inflict my kid on others, especially in a study setting.  They won me over to going by liking my kid and telling me to bring him anyway.  Husband works late in the evenings and I don’t have anywhere else for him to be but with me.  Kiddo comes loaded with toys, movies, crayons… anything that can occupy him for a while and let us have adult conversations that involve stringing more words together than “Do you need to go potty?”

Anyways, two things from tonight’s halaqa.  We are reading Khaled Abou El Fadl’s book, Search for Beauty in Islam: A Conference of the Books. We haven’t gone very far because it is our first week on the book and only two of the group have purchased yet… its a tad expensive for a unemployed mama.  If you have any input on the book, I would appreciate.  Just don’t slam it without reasons.  Also, if you think its good, tell me why.

The second thing that happened, which was unrelated to the subject of our halaqa was finding that a friend and former coworker was friends with a couple that I went to college with and am still friends with… We were simply talking about foreign adoption, some friends who were doing it and their circumstances which are somewhat unique and the country they are adopting from and my girlfriend looks at me like I’ve grown a second and a third head and tells me she has some friends doing the exact same thing in *unnamed state*.  I’ll be damned, we’re friends with the same people and didn’t even know it.  Who knew.  World is too small.  I know it sounds not so significant… but considering that all of us — myself, the coworker/friend, my friends from college — are so different that it just astounds me that we are linked like this.

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Snow hump

And before you get your little brains in tizzies… i am referring to what was behind my car in the lot and not a delightful romp in frozen precipitation. *shudder* When I finally got myself in gear today to get out of the house, which must happen at least once everyday or I burn with cabin fever, I got the car started, cleaned off, kiddo dressed, self dressed and both of us in the car with the gross lettuce that needed to be returned to Costco, I got the car stuck on the snow hump. Everything looked good. Cleared out behind the tires, et cetera. I back out, got the back end of the car over the hump and then … nowhereville. Car not going. Damn thing is half way out of the space, fully spankable in the middle of the lane (and we have idiot drivers around here, like everywhere else), and I can’t get it to either way. Once again, I am thankful to live in an apartment complex. Sure, I don’t have equity or property, but when my toilets are broken or my car is stuck on the snow hump I am covered. Our maintenance crew is wonderful and they live here too. They were over in two shakes to push the car off with smiles. I want to trade this for equity? My own place? Most of the time, I don’t think so. It would be great to have 2000 sq feet of romping room, but when stuff breaks, its comes out of your pocket over and above your regular monthly payments. Enough said on this.

Restful sleep is becoming even more elusive than dreams. I toss all night long. I sleep, I wake up. I sleep, I wake up. Too hot, too cold, pillow not comfy, on and on. Four or five times a night — on short nights where I just don’t go to bed until really late because its not worth it to lay in bed and not sleep. Oh, and the true icing on the cake: I can’t nap. WTF?? Pardon me, but I need to make up for the lack of rest somewhere. Yesterday, I went back to bed when husband woke up and just cat napped for 2 hours, on-off, on-off. Today, took nap with child and couldn’t sleep at all. I almost did and moved and woke up. And that was it. Every night has been like this since we got from Morocco. That’s almost three weeks. I am at the point of wondering why I even go to sleep. I wake up irritated every morning simply because I can’t get any decent deep sleep.

Now, outside the rant realm, I finally bought kiddo some snow boots. I figured it was about time considering the nine inches of fresh icy snow, on top of the 3 or 4 that was already on the ground, vitually untouched, outside my home. This calls for a serious snowman. I wonder if I could get the kid outside for that long on my own. On my own, I like to look at snow but not actually touch it or participate with it. That’s because I am old and crotchety and not in touch with my inner child (and am usually okay with this). But kiddo is boring (his word, not mind) and would like to go outside and pounce on the snow. I’ll let you know if this actually happens.

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