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Summer dressing

Come summer, I start thinking a lot about my wardrobe because I want to be as cool as possible, even while covering. Natural fibers when I can get them, flowy shirts, light colored scarves and the like.

I think the designers at Shukr are smoking crack. Their new summer line includes all these shirts that are only a few cents short of being turtlenecks. Yikes. Anyone who has spent summers in 90+ degrees with 90% humidity knows you don’t do that. Its like a simple recipe for heat stroke. I’ll admit to not being a fashion plate, but I do complimented for dressing smart for heat (usually). My husband does not understand quite why I have to wear my scarves all open and hanging down in the summer — he likes the anchors on al-Manar and how their scarves are all wrapped around their heads… This gets a deadpan look and a comment on TV studio airconditioning. Hrmph.

Come on Shukr and give us a ladies a break, why don’t you? Keep that high victorian neck thing till winter when its helpful.


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That’s my feelings for my dinner in a nutshell.

Sushi is one of my favorites and I only get indulge in an actual restaurant about once a year now. Good Friend was kind enough to remind me of the last time we went out for sushi LAST YEAR while DH and Hamza were in Morocco. I about flipped that it had been that long.

Just in case you want to live vicariously, we ate the following.

  1. Miso soup
  2. Tempura veggies
  3. California rolls (happy hour special, I might add)
  4. Cucumber rolls
  5. Asparagus rolls (the asparagus is tempura-ed)
  6. Shrimp sushi
  7. Crab sushi
  8. Eel sushi (Good Friend’s choice)

I really let loose with sushi. I never feel sick afterwards.

Being “single” again, even for a weekend, is fun.

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So much for my attempt last week to blog every other day. But this week is another chance to just jump back on the bandwagon.On the spur of the moment, DSH (dear sweet husband) took Hamza with him to Boston for the weekend!!!! Wheee!!!

I don’t know what to do with myself. Actually, I know what to do… its just getting up to do it that is the hardest. My bathrooms are clean, which is definitely an acheivement. Gotta work in the kitchen next and the bedroom which is a nightmare. I never get to clean in the bedroom because Hamza always gets hurt while I clean in there. The last time, he hit his face on the rails of my bed (the wooden slats that run along the bottom of the mattres). He also has fallen off the bed. (Strange thing about that is that he never had a problem with falling off the bed before he could walk.)

Tonight, SUSHI!!! Sushi is just a dream for mommies unless childcare can be found or you get take-out which takes away half of the fun. Sushi restaurants are usually quiet affairs that just don’t seem suited to a toddler. Off we go tonight.

Work is going okay for the moment. I think I have busted rear end enough to keep my job. One hopes. Insha’allah and all that.

Must go. My carriage arriveth.

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I really need to read something just a bit more cheery, less gray and more heartwarming. I have enough to keep me occupied on the damp grey mood front without adding more fuel by reading dark stuff. I am reading Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells, both of which are well written but are really bringing me down. I don’t want to cry over my books, darnit!

Any recommendations please???
(This is really just a ploy to get comments… yall have been way too quiet. I suppose I was quiet for bit too long too and folks stopped reading.)

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(a copy of a letter sent)
Dear Mr. Durban:
You are being lambasted for your comments in the Senate regarding treatment of detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Although I am not your constituent, I wanted to express my support of your honesty in front of the Senate. Americans are right to fear the words Nazi, gulag and Pol-Pot. These words reflect actions that are the antithesis of what we want our nation to be. Americans should question more WHY a senator of the United States would need compare US actions to those of Nazis, Soviets, or Pol-Pot. Too many people thing that the US cannot perpetrate atrocities, but it can.

Once again, thank you for your honesty.

Sincerely, UmmHamza

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Friday, sweet Friday
Your promise rings clear in my ear
Two whole days abed

Enough haiku for me.

I am combating a huge lethargy as of late which I think is brought on by stress at work. At home, all I want to do is zone out for a couple of hours and just go to bed early. I have no more energy left for cleaning, Hamza. Just going to the park seems like such a chore. Fixing dinner, monstrous. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, it still lurks ( the lethargy, not dinner).

Tomorrow, we will foray out into the world of farmer’s markets. I need some fresh veggies. I hope something new has sprung up because the biggest thing folks were selling two weeks ago were sprouts from any bean you had ever thought of. They tasted sort bitter. Sprouts are not my thing. Give red peppers, asparagus, even good lettuce and I am a happy camper.

Enjoy your weekends!

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Short term studies involving one subject have found that children eat better while sitting on a towel having a pretend picnic next to the patio door than children who eat in high chairs. Also noted in this very unscientific study is that the child makes less mess, cleans up easier, and throws less silverware to its death. No significant risks have been observed at this time, although the researcher admits that possible risks of contamination from eating food that might actually touch the floor exist. Participants in this study are notably in better moods afterwards than after similar experiences in the standard high chair position.

Further study will be required to observe this phenomenon further.

That is all.

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