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Some time away

I might as well make it official since I keep feeling guilty about not posting. This is an official blogging break… Probably only for a few weeks, insha’allah, but enough to clean up my head and my family. My mum passed on Friday. Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajiun. Its a relief, in way, that it finally happened but I felt weird thinking it until a friend told me she had felt the same way when her own mother died.

Ya Allah, have mercy on my mother, ameen. And, thank you for letting me have her.


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Eid Mawlid

I wish I had more to say about it, other than Eid Mawlid! But there it is.


I wish that more people could follow the example of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him. He was a beautiful example of a human being, lived simply and humbly, treated everyone with respect (even those who reviled him).

If I could have one thing this Eid, it would be exemplify more qualities of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him.

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I am still here!

Really, truly, I am!

I don’t have much to say since work is slowly sucking more and more each day. I used to like state government… under Democrats. Yes, I am more than slightly partisan, I’ll admit to it… but under Dem government, while raises were sparse, job opportunities were okay and no one got “reclassified” (also read as “laid off” or “demoted”).

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Two days ago, Hamza locked his father in the bathroom (the lock being on the outside of the door, and then proceeded to lock himself in the bedroom adjacent to the aforementioned bathroom, while Mommy was cooking in the kitchen… I knew it would happen sometime. I had to laugh while I jimmied the door open with a screwdriver. I wish I hadn’t forgotten that I know how to unlock a door with a credit card. Silly me. The things we learn…

Needless to say, the lock on the bathroom door has been switched to the inside… no more carrying the cell phone in for fear of the mini-monster locking us in.

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Hazy days

I am in a mental fog due to our family crisis. I can take in the light stuff, enjoy it and there are no problems. But when it comes to actually doing something productive and thought demanding, my brain is turning to mush. Needless to say, doing my job is becoming difficult without a certain amount of brain capacity as is housework and organizing. I’m sleepy in the morning and the afternoon, but not at night. I wonder how long this lasts.

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I’m home. I came home on Wednesday. Went back to work on Friday.

I feel either like a deer in headlights or like I’ve been clunked upside the head with a stout log. The effect is about the same: can’t move forward, can’t move backward, can’t seem to get housework done. Its about the least of my priorities right now, but hubster and I fought about it this afternoon. I ended up retreating into naptime with my son. I was tired anyway.

The weather is absolutely beautiful right now. Hamza and I have gone to a park for two days straight now. We will probably go again tomorrow and let him run himself out. I found the most marvelous park this morning by purposeful accident. The store we headed out for at 9 a.m. didn’t open until 10 a.m. (calling first is weinies) so I drove with the hopes of running into a park I hadn’t visited before. I found it and it had the greatest slides ever. Huge. Big enough for a grown-up too. *grin* Hamza LOVED it. Sometimes, his having no fear is a good thing. The slide set up looks like a corn silo, has three slides, some climbing aspects… I really haven’t encounted a good slide like this ever, that I can remember. We have to go back. I think there is a mini waterpark there as well, but it’s still a bit too cold for that.

Just in case you don’t make the rounds, UmAmr over at Underwater Light is a new mommy again to Baby Adam who is super adorable.

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Away for a bit

Asalaamu alaykum friends,

I will be away for a bit. I am with my family and my mother right now. I was called away rather quickly after my last post. Insha’allah, I’ll be back soon.

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