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Tonight, we are going to listen to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf out at ISNA!!!!! Woohoo!!! Yippee! I am really excited. I have not had an opportunity to see this brother since 2000 at my first ISNA conference. I believe that he is one of the truly dynamic forces in American Islam.

BTW – I mentioned Shaykh Abdullah Adhami on here once before because I listened to him at the conference this year. UmmZaid, do you know him? Is he really as fantastic as he seemed? Most of his programs this year were for the MYNA conference – really good ones that taught things instead of rehashing how moozlims are being treated in America. He taught one about the Mothers of the Believers. We need this stuff at the regular conference.

This week we bought a fish. We now have one pet per person in our household. Our little betta Beela (Hamza named him, not me) is apricot colored with some really brilliant red spots and beautiful fins. We have him in a nice one gallon fish bowl (no betta cups in my house!).

Hamza had his tubes removed this week. They had already fallen out of his ear drums and had been sitting in his canals. They are so cute. I saved them to put in the box of “Ohmygoshshekeptthis?!” I have his little umbilicus and the tag as well as some hair. I expect to put teeth in there one day.


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*cough cough*

Please answer at least some of the questions in the previous post folks, either in the comments or at my email, scarflady786-blog at yahoo dot com. I really need the input.

Pleeeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeee! *grin* Thank you!

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Giving Money

I need some opinions. Assume this is a theoretical situation unless I tell you otherwise.

1. Would you give to a major umbrella Islamic organization in the US?

2. Why? (or why not?)

3. What would make you want to give money to a major umbrella Islamic organization in the US?

4. What would you be interested in seeing a major umbrella Islamic organization be involved in?

5. How would you like to be recognized by said organization for your gift?

6. How would you recommend said organization to change its image from being an ethnically oriented instution to being a solely religiously focused one? (They do see themselves as solely religious, but acknowledge that their membership/public image leans heavily in one direction.)

I am reading tons of material right now on fund-raising that were provided by a friend. I would love to have material from other people to bring back to him regarding Islamic fund-raising. Thank you!

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Super post

I don’t know what’s gotten into me this week, but no posting love was felt. Its seems to be a generalized malaise with some other bloggers too.

Thanks to all the interview mojo dua that everyone has sent. I have second interview next weekend and I have homework and reading to do in the meantime. I don’t know exactly when I am supposed to do this, but I guess I will find time.

Have I ever extolled the vitures of Papa Murphy’s to anyone here? Its the pizza place where you buy the fresh pizza, take it home and bake it there. Super yum. Good coupons too. We love getting their gourmet vegetarian (tonight was the first time in ages we got one) and it super duper good. Its got zuchinni on it and artichoke hearts, amongst others. Too bad I can’t get free pizza by talking about it here.

Hamza and I have finally come to a compromise about the going to bed thing. We are trying some new wind-down techniques such as turning off the lights, watching a video (usually Thomas the Tank Engine) and then popping into bed where he throws a token tantrum (its just for show) and falls asleep alone in his bed. Alhamdulillah. I guess it was just a transition.
Speaking of Hamza, we are going to get his ear checked out on Monday at the doc because he’s been tugging on it really consistantly for a couple of days. We have to watch because he used to have a habit of just holding his ears for no good reason. I think that was before he found out that there were other things to hold onto that are much more fun, rewarding and socially unacceptable to mommy.

We have had some decent milestones recently:
1. Hamza is starting to brush his own teeth. I’ve been doing it for him but he really wants to do it himself. I follow up just to make sure everything gets hit.
2. He will only use minty adult toothpaste. Its weird, but he likes it.
3. We got a #2 in the Baby Bjorn yesterday! Too bad he likes making #1 on the carpet now that he knows he can point and shoot…
4. Falling asleep alone in his own bed without me in the room.

I have bored you all to death, but I am not done. I have diarrhea of the fingers now that I started! Mwahahahhahah.

I need some advice (I get a twinge asking for that) about children’s bedrooms. Our present arrangement in the house has Hamza’s bed in our own bedroom and he sleeps with us for half the night. My family visited last weekend and gave me grief about it, how he’s going to be clingy, that he’s going to rule our lives, run roughshod over us and that he will be emotionally/mentally damaged by not having his own room apart from us. What say you to this? Our living situation does permit us to give Hamza his own room. We are using the second room right now as a musalla, computer room, study room and sometimes second bedroom depending on what time hubster gets home from work. Personally, I am fine with our current arrangement. I think Hamza is too. Everyone we meet thinks that Hamza is a doll, that he’s very well advanced in his speech and other milestones, and is generally a well adjusted child with parents that wanted to do attachment parenting but settled on co-sleeping instead. Although giving children their own rooms is a norm here in the N.A., I think its very extravagent to give a 2 year old 150 square feet and his own bathroom to play with and enjoy. I would love to hear input from both sides.

I went to Jumuah yesterday thanks to an obnoxiously early appointment (cough 430 am cough) at work. It was nice and the khutba was good and SHORT like its supposed to be. The only bad part of doing Jumuah at ISNA is that groups like to come and observe the animals in their natural habitat and that irks me. Yesterday had two classes of college students (I can handle those) and about 100 fundagelicals from some conference that is here in town. Dang, they were everywhere. I tried to sort of hide out in the sisters’ balcony but the invaded there too. I just hate feeling like I am on display. I have this little moments where I wonder what they are thinking about what we are doing. The air-conditioning was out yesterday afternoon as well and I can just about hear them thinking “oh, those poor ladies, wearing all those clothes. Shame on their husbands for being so mean!!” Maybe thats a bit dramatic, but you get the gist. Maybe I should go visit a United Methodist Church sometime, sit in the back pew and answer when questioned, “I just wanted to remember why I stopped being a Christian.” May God forgive me for a facetiousness. I have a mean streak.
I hope my super post has satisfied your weeklong thirst…

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The Mommy Photog

I had a bit of time today with a Very Nice Camera that I was using to take pictures of people for a story I am writing. While waiting I took pictures for myself for fun and thought I would share. If you like anything exceptionally, let me know and I will send you a full size image. They turned out better than I thought they would.

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Stream of non-thought

A few thoughts that I have jotted down or attempted to remember this week…

Why are mattress pads such a pain in the rear to put on a bed? Don’t they realize that usually there is only ONE person putting sheets on a bed and not TWO???

Hamza used to be able to say Elmo. Now, poor little Elmo gets called Homo because he stopped enunciating the ‘L’.

I was listening to Launchcast on Sunday night with Hamza at my side. I found the Wiggles Fan Radio station. The normals came up like Barney, the Wiggles, and other children’s songs… and then came some mommy radio out of the blue: Bizarre Love Triangle, Prince, some good Elton John (there is bad EJ too). I don’t know quite how these fit into Wiggle Fan Radio, but I did not mind!

Hamza is no longer going to bed at night. I am about to pull my hair out. He just won’t settle down in the evenings and its taking somewhere in the range of two hours to get him to sleep this last week every night. And I don’t mean two hours from getting ready for bed, but two hours after I put him in bed. Up and down and bouncing around. I looked it up on Dr.Sears’s website and they say to take it as a compliment (hahah) that he wants to spend more time with me. I am trying to keep my sense of humour but that is fading fast. We have not been a problem sleeper for a long time… ARGH!

I had a job interview on Tuesday with an Islamic non-profit and I am really interested. I applied for one position and they called me to interview for another one. I am really hoping for a call back for a second interview. Send some mad mojo du’a my way please!

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100 Things about Me

I am doing this. The peer pressure got to me. In a way, its not quite the cop out post you think it would be. This actually took me two days to put together. If you find it amusing, let me know.

100 Things
1. The internet made me more social than I have ever been in my life.
2. I love abayas – they give me that princessy feeling that I have been longing for all my life.
3. I have one child.
4. I did not choose this child’s name.
5. I doodle A LOT. It doesn’t mean I am not paying attention. Actually, I may be paying more attention than you realize.
6. I wonder if I have some form of ADD…
7. I’ll never ask a doctor if I have ADD. I have many coping techniques, such as doodling, to keep my attention focused.
8. I surf the internet too much at work.
9. I love web based games.
10. I read all of the Harry Potter series last month. Exactly why did I wait this long?
11. Sleeping with a fan in the window gets a big thumbs up from me.
12. I live with a man who thinks hot and muggy is the perfect sleeping condition.
13. I drink half-Coke/Coke sodas.
14. I don’t drink soda at all during Ramadan. It ruins my water drinking hyper schedule.
15. Dates (the fruit) grossed me out the first time I saw them.
16. I couldn’t eat dates for a long time after I bought the bag from International Foods that got maggots while in the fridge.
17. I can’t file my papers.
18. I love food. Almost all the time.
19. I *heart* roast beef.
20. I was adopted within my own family.
21. My mother died this year.
22. I have two brothers and a sister.
23. None of my blood relatives live in Indiana besides my son.
24. I love tye-dye.
25. I love hippie patchwork skirts (look it up on ebay!)
26. I want a job with less responsibility, great coworkers and bosses, and more pay.
27. I have baby fever again… I need another little bundle crying love to snuggle on.
28. I met my husband on the internet.
29. Once upon a time, as a child, I was so angry, I broke a pencil in half.
30. I hid it in my desk for years because I thought I would get in trouble.
31. Did I mention I have some serious issues with over-control of anger?
32. I have large feet. 33. My feet got even larger and wider after my son was born.
34. The only shoes I have found that fit and make my feet feel good are Birkenstock Sandals.
35. My toes are going to be VERY cold this winter.
36. I had a C-section after 24 hours on pitocin.
37. Everyone knew I was having a C-section before I did.
38. I liked being pregnant.
39. I talk in a British accent after I read ‘Arry Potta.
40. I like road trips.
41. Without my son.
42. I can bend all my fingers at the top joint by themselves. (its kinda freaky looking)
43. My Gall Bladder and I parted ways in March 2004.
44. My Gall Bladder and the rolling stone parted ways approximately one week before that, hence the other break-up.
45. My wisdom teeth and I parted ways over ten years ago. Maybe there really was some wisdom to be had in them…
46. I will have surgery on anything if it involves full anesthesia.
47. I will NOT have voluntary eye surgery (read Lasik) (see #46)
48. I have only broken one bone in my body – the tip of my pinkie finger on my right hand. I squished it.
49. I bite my nails.
50. I think that Crappucino’s taste better at home with more chocolate and less coffee.
51. I like purple.
52. I can read maps.
53. My left handed script and signature is only legible because my mother told me when I was 11 that I wasn’t a doctor and I wasn’t allowed to write that way.
54. I was born in the Midwest.
55. I grew up on Texas.
56. I came back to the Midwest when I grew up.
57. I hate humidity which is why I can’t live in Texas.
58. Most of the Muslim converts I know are left handed.
59. I listen to NPR in the mornings and afternoons.
60. I love sushi. 61. Ditto Indian buffet. 62. I don’t like Thai.
63. I don’t like spicy food.
64. I used to roller skate when I was a kid.
65. I have had stitches in my head twice, both as a child.
66. I don’t like to cook.
67. I don’t attend Friday prayers very often. Thank goodness its not obligatory for me.
68. I am very shy when meeting new people.
69. I am not shy when I am doing stuff for work.
70. I am being bitten by fleas while I sleep. They are attacking my feet only. Its weird.
71. I hated honey until college when someone introduced me to fruity herbal tea and all its wonder.
72. I own 6 or 7 teapots. Two are ceramic, one is a single server glass unit and three are metal.
73. I visited Morocco for the first time last year.
74. I don’t like green eggs and lamb, Sam I Am.
75. I miss fresh crusty bread for breakfast with butter. The bread here is never crusty unless it costs $6 a loaf and comes from a place with a fancy name.
76. I only like Moroccan tea when it has lots of mint and less gunpowder green. And sugar.
77. I never used the snooze bar until I was in my second year of college.
78. I don’t clean well,
79. but I am anal about vacuuming.
80. My basmati could be used by school children as a viable alternative to paste.
81. I picked up a Texas accent as a child within days of enrolling in my first grade.
82. I had to sit in a study carrol as a desk in first grade because I couldn’t shut up or be organized.
83. I cheated while playing Head’s Up-Seven Up in school by watching people’s feet under the desk.
84. I can forge my mother’s signature but have never done so since sixth grade when I got caught once.
85. I want a private beach.
86. The day I moved to DC, two days after I graduated from college, I sat in the living room of my rented flat and bawled my eyes out to my mother because I didn’t want to be there because I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t have a car.
87. I kick myself for moving out of DC.
88. I want to move to move back to DC.
89. If I lived in DC I would take the Metro all the time.
90. I shook Bill Clinton’s hand at a White House Christmas Gala. If only I had known where that hand had been. *shudder*
91. My photos from that event were all printed in reverse… I look really weird.
92. My favorite fiction is science fiction.
93. I have four points on my license that will drop off next spring – whee! Cheaper car insurance!
94. I have two African violets sitting my desk at work. They won’t grow at home.
95. I have two types of mint growing on my balcony. I don’t have to pay for mint anymore at the store!
96. I have a really hard time paying for organic milk even though I know its better for me.
97. I always forget/lose something when I travel. I have lost shoes, phone cords and many many baby bottles/sippy cups.
98. I know how to curse in Maghribi Arabic. Andarbak!
99. I know how to be polite in Maghribi Arabic. Sabah al-kheir. Lebas alik? Kif halek? Bi kheir.
100. I do a fabulous Beavis and Butthead imitation. I can do both of them.

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