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Ramadan 2006 Day 7

Well… in a pattern that is becoming way to familiar, I am blogging in the wee hours of the night because I can’t sleep.  I went to bed at 10 and woke up at one only to toss and turn… and now, look for dead spiders in my bed. (Thanks Jilbabble)

I’m sitting here sort of upset because husband is going to a housing seminar tomorrow.  Why would that upset you?  His friend bought a house through them and it was cheap and he only pays $300 a month in mortgage, blah blah blah. And I ask who is putting on the program.  He says its a Christian group and I’m thinking something like First Horizon which is a Christian home loan group who is trying not to do riba…  No.  Its Habitat for Humanity.  Are we really going to be that poor when I quit my job?  I worked my ass off four years in college so when I was thirty, I could quit my job to stay home with my kids we would be living hand to mouth and qualify for a Habitat home????????  I just want to cry.  Seriously.  I worked on Habitat homes in college — we are talking poor of the poor, people who have trouble makine the $300 payment per month.  Why is my husband such a freaking slacker that we have to consider a Habitat home??  I know he is looking for a deal… but that is not the deal I want.  What the hell was I thinking when we got married thinking he wants to do better with his life and have a better job.  If he did, he would have, with or without me.  I was such an idiot.  I think about this a lot.

Last night, I was up at 2 a.m. in this same routine of wakefulness.  I was incredibly thirsty and proceeded to drink about  60 oz of water in the middle of the night and a juice box because I was going to die if I didn’t drink it.  🙂   I also fell down the stairs during this time on my tailbone.  Very pleasant and I recommend it to everyone.  My feet are really dry and my heel slid right out from under me and down I went bumpedy bumpedy bump.  I am quite surprised I don’t have more than the little bitty soreness I have.  I was also a complete clutz last night – in the process of making dinner I spilled breadcrumbs in the sink, kicked the cat water across the kitchen AND burned my finger on my pyrex coming out of the oven.

I wasn’t able to keep my fast today because the last three days have seen me so dead worn out by early afternoon that I am almost non-functional.  Yesterday, I was so drug out.  I felt good today, but still, even with lunch in me, my tummy acted like I had fasted all day by iftar.   Must be a parasite.  😉


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Ramadan 2006 Day 6

Not as good of a day as the rest.  Last night, we went out for iftar to friends, came home and I promptly went to sleep at 10:30 p.m.  Woke up for suhoor, had a croissant, big water and a sip of juice for good measure.  I was zonked out all day!  All morning… I just twiddled my thumbs and yawned.  A lot.  So much so that I left the office at 1230 to come home.  I was going to take an hour nap and then get up and clean a bit… 2.5 hours later I got up and went to pick up my son from the babysitters (I knew I paid all that money for a reason!).  I had a headache all day that was rather close to pounding by maghrib this evening.  Made salat real fun.  “Allahu akbar, sujud, pound, pound pound goes the head”.

Iftar left something to be desired tonight too.  I was going to have all leftovers tonight, but someone **cough cough** hates leftovers and thinks the soup has been in the fridge too long… so I ended up making salmon patties– which turned in a whole ‘nother can of worms… or should I say can of bones and skin???  Which is what my gigantic can of salmon turned out to be.  Lets just say I threw it away… even right now, the thought of the spine embedded in the salmon makes me quiver a bit.   I went to the store and did what a good 2006 consumer does — looks for vacuum sealed fish in little foil baggies.  🙂  And it was good and my salmon patties were tasty.  The soup that husband made, however, was very bad because he cooked it early and went to reheat it at iftar and turned the flame up a tad too high and it burned and was uber gross.

So, lessons I learned today:

  1. Ramadan is going to be harder this year.
  2. Do not buy salmon in the big can.  Its more than salmon floatin’ in there.
  3. They do sell salmon in vacuum sealed pouches just like the tuna.  Boneless, skinless baby.  Yeah!
  4. Don’t let hubster cook the soup.  Let him stick to moroccan chicken.

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Ramadan 2006 Day 4

Its been a good, albeit interesting day.

Don’t give in to your junk food nafs at iftar.  Lesson learned.  I didn’t feel like cooking tonight so I just went to McD’s for dinner, one with a playland… and it just didn’t sit right and turned my lower GI on high speed.

After insane hyper night, son was cute this morning.  Thank god for that.

Please make a small extra dua that I can handle what Allah may be throwing my way.  Its a big responsibility and challenge at a very strange time in my life.  When I know for sure what is happening, I will pass it on.  Sorry for the mystery, but I just need an extra dua or two.

BTW — I am so over croissants now.  I had one at dinner last night and two for breakfast this morning (BAD NAFS, BAD!) and now I don’t want anymore.

Speaking of my nafs. . . as if you hadn’t noticed they hang around me a lot.  I talk about food all day.  Its my way of having food without having it.  I just love food and love eating it.  I am so surprised I don’t weigh 300 lbs.   I really deserve to they way I eat and have so little self discipline.  I ask ppl what they had/are having for iftar.  I ask the Christian lady in our office what she’s eating for lunch just to live vicariously.  Is there something spiritually detrimental about this?  I suppose there is, but I would like someone to explain it to me.

In our staff meeting this morning, the brother who gave the devotional talked about Jennah.  I really enjoyed this one because the brother was rather passionate about the subject and about what is waiting for us there.  Did you know that we get to be 33 years old in Jennah?  This is our prime, apparently.  I’m not 33 yet in dunya years… I hope 33 feels younger in Jennah than in the dunya!  🙂  Also, when you ride under the shade of the trees in Jennah, their shadows are something like 60 miles long so you always stay cool.

Must go… my little slice of Jennah is asking for honey-milk.  🙂  I figure he is my only solid ticket in, so I better treat him well.  Just kidding…  Not really.

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Ramadan 2006, Day 3

Alhamdulillah. Going well. Only a little bit spacey in the afternoon. I had some thoughts in my head earlier today because Sometimes Sobia was blogging about how this is her first fasting Ramadan and how hard it is. It sure is hard the first time and the third time and the sixth time. Sheesh… but it does get easier.

The Lazy Converts Tips to Fasting for Obnoxious Numbers of Days in Order to Receive Blessings Untold (and maybe even your own hoorein for fun and enjoyment in the afterlife)

  1. Stop your caffeine intake. Some ppl like to do this in stages in the weeks before Ramadan, but I prefer to go cold turkey and take ibuprofen with breakfast for the first few days… It takes care of the headache while my body unaddicts itself. In the evenings, don’t drink soda. Head straight for the water until it comes out your eyes. If you are a heavy soda drinker like moi, you will thank me for the extra 10 lbs you lose during Ramadan.
  2. Eat breakfast, but go all nafsy about it (don’t let Cousin Id take over). Two eggs, toast, cheese, juice, croissant all sound really good in theory when you are not going to eat for 14 hours or so. I am that person and my make-up days before Ramadan about killed me. However, when I overslept suhoor/breakfast or only had a toast and water, I didn’t get so crazy hungry/tired/brainless in the early afternoon. Just a bit sleepy and it passes.
  3. Take naps if you can. If you can’t, cat nap. If you have a toddler, find a way to firmly insist that you will disembowel him if he won’t let you lie down for 20 freakin’ minutes at 5 p.m. in the afternoon. So far, this method is working. Didn’t work last year. And I wake up much nicer.
  4. Eat well at iftar/dinner. Get all your food groups, lots of water, some juice and soup. Don’t hurt yourself by eating too much. You don’t want to gain weight during Ramadan – its a sign you are not getting much out of your fasting.
  5. Buy the medjool dates. As a North American native, you are probably not ready for what North Africans call a date (some would call it a ROCK). Get the nice, fat, juicy medjools in the awesome box with the tongs. They look nice, taste nice and keep well. We got some weird dates this year that I don’t like much which seem to be a cross between the medjools and the North African Rock Dates… and they don’t seem to be taking to refridgeration all that well.
  6. Drink water. If you don’t like water, get a nice filtration system like a Brita and some lemons and limes and force the stuff down. You will be thankful later.
  7. Make your salat. Not only are they obligatory, its a chance to sit on the floor, rest your head and not think much for a bit.
  8. For the ladies – during your “special week”… don’t fake fast. Be discreet, but don’t fake fast because you are not supposed to be fasting. You don’t get any credit for it. Drink your water, eat good food and try to stay away from the bad stuff. And make your days during the winter. The days are shorter and still count the same.

That’s about all I can think of right now. Any thing to add?

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Prayer times

Okay, the question has popped up twice in my blog stats in two days, so I will answer. When is iftar in Indianapolis? Today, it was 7:41 p.m. It was 8 p.m. just last week. Its moving earlier at the speed of light.

If you are looking for prayer times, use islamicfinder.org. Do NOT use Islamicity. I have no problems specifically with Islamicity — they simply never got updated on the fact that Indiana finally adopted DST and their prayer times are off. And if you don’t realize it until FIVE minutes before iftar, you are in for a world of hurt. Its like getting cut off at the bathroom stall with your hand on your waistband. I would like to save someone from that pain.

And since I have a small soapbox here, even momentarily, I would like to advise people to look out the window if they can near iftar.  Feel some connection with the actual times and the way the world looks and feels.  I know folks are really big on the calculated prayer times chart for the whole month, posted on the fridge.  Last year, I would swear, with God as my witness, that the chart was wrong–  it just never felt quite dark enough to time to break my fast.  This is the old fashioned way, but it the one first advocated by Islam:  use a white and black string hanging outside to determine if it time to break you fast.  If you cannot tell the difference between the two, it is time.  No doubts, no nothing.  I really hate feeling like I broke fast early after all the hard work of the day.

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Happy Ramadan to all!!! Wow. I feel so great after the first day. Amazingly enough, I missed suhoor and the day went better than the last four make up days of fasting. Maybe I will try to NOT eat breakfast.

What’s going on around here? Not much. A LOT of Cars watching by minime. A friend burned us a copy of her pirated version. Loving this movie. Very fun. Minime is entranced. For the record: the television was not on all day. Just now, before bed so Mommy can have some break time from Mr. Whiney.

Cleaned house today. Whee. Still some trouble areas, but looking better for the most part. Almost ready to have folks over for iftar.

Bought a new ironing board during my late after iftar errands. Much more fun to go shopping when you are not jonesing for any food whatsoever. Our old board is rickety and worries me about dropping the iron. I hate it so much I haven’t ironed all summer, to my wardrobes detriment. (I didn’t wear the unironed stuff… it just sat in the closet)

Not much in the way of taraweeh this year, again. But that is, I think, the plight of mothers. At least the ones who have the decency to not unleash the fury that is a 3 year old on folks making salat.

I made awesome chorba for dinner tonight. I sort of read so many different chorba recipes that I made my own with all the ingredients I already had in the house. It had chicken, fresh from my garden cilantro/coriander, fresh from my garden basil, celery, potatoes, leeks, paprika, ginger, chili powder (just a bit), salt and pepper. It came out very good, which is good since we now have to eat for two days. 🙂

I think tomorrow’s dinner will be spagetti with meat sauce… sometime after the chorba at iftar. Also, we have very nice red pears that are finally ripe in time for Ramadan. So good! Very sweet and juicy and kiddo likes them. He also seems to like our dates a lot too. He even ate some soup and he’s not much of a soup eater.

My apologies for rambling. Who’s coming over for iftar tomorrow? Any takers?

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Search engine love…

Here is amusement for the morning…

Aqeeqa cards  —  I would make them, myself, because I am crafty and like stamping and stuff…  You could possibly find them from silver envelope.  They had a booth at the convention and their stuff is really nice.

Hasema swimsuits — They are okay, but they sort of ugly in that wearing too much sort of way.  I think if you even remotely overweight, they will look heinous on you.  I saw them too at a booth at the convention.

What is an aqeeqa — Its sort of a reverse babyshower, where you have a party after the baby is born and the baby and mother get gifts and give a nice dinner.  Its also known cause of mommy dementia, I think, because what mother in their right mind wants to attend, let alone HOST, a party with food for lots of people several weeks after giving birth.  That’s insane.

Muslima swimming suit — capris and a t-shirt.  Or, just a normal swimsuit and shorts and a man-free pool.  I got to swim outdoors this summer with the sun shining on my head and no men around. Lovely.

Bum bum bada dum bum — I wonder how that got pulled out of my blog. Really.

Did you miss me tagalog — no clue.  I might have known if that phillipino boyfriend from high school and I had turned out differently, but he was a bit too jealous and controlling and thus had to go.  The one thing I did learn from him was the proper way to say Tagalog – its not Tag – a – log.  Its Ta – gahlog.

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