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Beware of perverts!

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Only a few days to go…

Let’s just say, things are sort of tense around here. I am packing for a three month trip (or not packing yet, as the case may be — I need to do laundry before we go). Hubster is packing for his one month excursion and ten trillion gifts. To top it off, just days left until the big trip, we have COMPANY today and tomorrow. WTF? (pardon to my sensitive readers – but then, if you are a sensitive reader you probably don’t know what WTF means) *sigh* I can’t pack this much stuff ahead of time!!!!

So, thoughts on random tangents:

I sort of love love Bare Escentuals (bar the dorky spelling). Over the last week, I have tried two different starter kits, taken them back because its just too much make up for my poor old face (nothing like the fake bake look from your make up) and ended up with a very nice over expensive applicator brush, which I love, and some of the Bare Minerals translucent finisher powder. I realized I already loved the make up I had from Physician’s Formula (mineral foundation, eye shadow and blush balls – for lack of a better name) but their brushes sucked.

Still love the camera – Masha’allah!

Took the cute son to the sitter on Friday so I could shop till I drop and he acted like I was dropping him in a pit of acid all the way there. “I don’t want to go. WAH!” He loves the kids there, loves the sitter and they all love him. Once he got there, he totally forgot his little tantrum in the car and forgot that I existed.

I bought two paperbacks to take with me to the Maghrib. One of them is the Life of Pi. Has anyone read it?

I had something interesting to say yesterday, but it has totally fled my mind.

Hubster is annoying the crap out of me lately. All sorts of little stuff, but adding up… singing nasheeds in the car (his voice, to me is like nails on the chalkboard – something I did not know before getting married), listening to tariqa singing on the computer and singing along. I have no objections to many of the things my husband is involved in, but I can’t take the stuff that sounds like a holy roller church.  Its the same thing with a different label at times.  It makes me uncomfortable.

Good night… happy holiday to those of you with one tomorrow.

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Just because I can

Granted, the day was like a gigantic shopping spree, but I have to remember I won’t be shopping much in the next THREE MONTHS for normal day to day goods.

Or CAMERAS. Oh, my goodnes, oh my goodness… There is mild drama here… Ages ago, The Chewer (a cat) ate through my A/C adapter cord for my Kodak Easyshare camera dock. Its one of those special adapters created to make money for the company that can only be bought through the dealer (Kodak) or a hack on Ebay, where you run the chance of burning out your batteries and short circuiting something. I went for the first choice. I ordered on Monday, the cord arrived yesterday and it didn’t work. Here we are, less than a week before departure and I don’t have a working camera because I can’t charge the damn thing. Fark fark fark fark fark. FARK. Kodak is taking the cord back but there is no way in hell or on God’s green earth they can send me a cord by our travel date. *sigh* Thus started the great Costco camera search. I called. I researched. I made choices, people, like I actually understood what I was looking at. And I hauled myself out and bought it!!!!! Not one bit of indecision here, folks! Say Masha’allah folks.

So, the spec: Kodak Z612, 6 MP (coming up in the world from 3.1), 12x zoom, and, for the best part: NO CAMERA DOCK. You heard it — no camera dock, which means NO ADAPTER CORD! There is a nice little battery charger that plugs right into the wall. ( which means I need an extra converter)

So, with tons of ado, here are some PICTURES. Of all my babies…  My apologies for the The Chewer in advance — she just is not photogenic if she is looking at the camera.  I can only get her to look like she’s about to hock a furball.

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I got two very special, sacred hours to myself last night.  I have been saddled (it feels like it anyway) with Cute son for almost two weeks (going to Texas and then hubster going out of town for the weekend after I got back) and was about to pull hair out from the roots.

So I went to Penny’s for shopping therapy.  Thank God I did find one nice top.  Its hot AND long sleeved AND not see through.  Amazing.

BUT —  someone please solve this riddle for me:  Why are the sleeves on women’s clothing (and I am talking about 1x and above) almost the same size as the legs on my pants??  In clothing I almost fit about 3 different sizes and none of them well.  If it fits my waist, its like a sack on the thighs.  If it fits my armpits (as in the sleeve is nearly the same size as my arm) its shows all my lumpy tummy goodness (thanks Cute Son!).  If it fits nice on the tummy and hips, the rest of the dang shirt fits like a sack.  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve said this before, but if men had clothing sized the same as ours, they would revolt!  Imagine, going to the jeans section, ladies, and finding the jeans of your dreams with your specific waist size, inseam and hips.  Revolutionary.  They do it nowadays, but you have to pay out the wazoo for good sizing that men expect as par normal.

Don’t get me started on shoes…

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Six Weird Things

1) I’ve gotten migraines all my life, starting in childhood due to some back problems.  Get you some chiropractic, my friends.  Not all of them are kooks.  I still get migraines as an adult if I don’t vent, as in don’t bottle up my anger.  Bleah.  Barforama.  Thank God I get the weird visual warning cues (some ppl don’t) that give me 30 minutes to find a dark quiet spot to silently moan (because actual moaning would hurt).

2) Me and narcotic drugs have a one time use issue: they work once and then do weird things to me the second day (like turn me into a psychowoman).  So much for my dreams of being heroin chic.

3) I am the dishwasher nazi.  You must stack to acheive the optimal amount of space.  Dishes lined up, silverware narrow side down, cups on the sides, etc.  This all started from being the dishwasher as a child (instead of using one) and the queen of the dishrack.

4) I read in the bathroom.  (this is not weird for men, but somewhat weird for women).  I started doing this as a child (Freud would LOVE me) so that I could get some extra fun reading in instead of homework.  When my parents asked me what I was doing, I could say, “going to the bathroom” which was true instead of lying and saying my homework which was not, since I wanted to read the fun book.  I have great memories of CS Lewis from my bathroom.

5) I love to vacuum.  I love the way the carpet looks with the little rows and how the fibers stand up.  I love seeing all the crap that comes out of my carpet that I get to throw away.  I love how a room can be messy (somewhat) and look nice just because you vacuumed.

6) Soda is only good from a fountain.  It tastes different and is fizzier and stays fizzier than a can or bottle.  I dislike 20 oz bottles completely.  Its going to be a long three months without my fountain soda.  I am weaning to coffee.  Wish me luck.

I am not tagging anyone since I am probably the last person on the bloggin’ earth that has done this.

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