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Oh the Drama…

I did a year with AmeriCorps several years back, working with children and teaching conflict resolution. I had a ton of fun — good work environment (office was in a huge park!), great coworkers, and getting outdoors often. The children we worked with, by and large, were 3rd graders or 8 year olds, approximately. The one thing that struck me most about them was their exposure to “Springerism”.

First off, what is “Springerism”?
1. Starting any sentence with “I want to make a comment…”
2. Egging on poor behavior
3. Getting worked up into other people’s business just because you were witness to it
4. (Groupthink at its best) “Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry…”

It amazed me to no end that parents somehow dropped the ball letting their kids see The Jerry Springer Show or its partners in crime (Maury Povitch comes to mind). Its absolute trash with no redeeming value for children that age. They aren’t old to realize that its not real and that real life is NOT lived like that.

Fast-forward to today. And I have just realized that today’s young twenty somethings have their own “Springerism” — “Reality show syndrome”.

Symptoms of “Reality Show Syndrome” are…
1. Drama – the simplest thing must have some dramatic reasoning behind it
2. Emotional/angry confrontation (Omarosa style)
3. Reading too much into other people actions (as if someone were trying to ‘beat’ you at the game.
4. Possible symptom: Martyrdom

I ran into this headlong yesterday with a coworker and I really don’t have a way to combat it. I so don’t thrive or live for drama in my workplace. I have enough at home with a 9 month old, two cats and a husband. For once, I appreciate my husband’s leave the room form of confrontation as it doesn’t leave me standing, attempting say something to salve someone’s feelings.


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Playing with the layout

UmmZaid mentioned my layout in the comments… Needless to say, I finally found a good FREE image hosting service with lots of bandwith (Village photos gave me something like one hit a day before I exceeded my free allotted bandwith…hrmph) and storage space. So I plan on playing around a bit more. I am starting to learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pagemaker for work and I eventually hope to be able to transfer some of that knowledge over to creating my own template for this site… I really wish I had a window graphic in the background… I have seen some nice gif/jpgs of oil paintings involving someone looking out an open window… but for now, I don’t know how to incorporate it in with the text and so forth… and I am trying very hard not to pay for a template (yak).

Right now, I don’t like the layout very much as I was really just seeing what I could put in and take out… I may switch back to the blue based blog i started with and rework from there.

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Wag the Bush

I listened to our illustrious leader as he addressed the nation this evening. Very interesting to note that the three major networks did not show the address, but all the pundit news networks I could find had his little face plastered front and center.

A few things stand out to me now, afterwards.

One: GWB used the word occupation twice (to my best count). I was surprised, to say the least. I believe the sentence I first heard it was “We will end the occupation on June 30th” (or whatever that preordained pesky date is) Took him long enough. I doubt many people will take note that he used that word.

Two: The government that is going to put in place is getting too complicated. One president, two vice presidents, and a prime minister. Now, if I remember rightly from high school civics, in a parliamentary system, which we are installing, the office of the President is ceremonial and the Prime Minister makes the policies that rule. What the heck are they doing with THREE ceremonial figureheads. Do they think that Iraqis are that stupid as to not see this? So you have one sunni muslim, one shia muslim, and kurd as ceremonial figureheads and everyone is supposed to feel hunky-dory and represented?? Whatever.

Three: Why are we (sort of a royal we) installing a parliamentary form of government? I don’t understand why we would do that. The United States utilizes a presidential system that it enjoys. What is the rationale of installing a parliamentary government versus a presidential system?

Four: Where is “international” support going to come from? I was musing over this earlier today and it was emphasized this evening. At this moment, the rest of world is watching the US handling of Iraq, the establishment of security (haha) and democracy, and the transition of power with the morbid fascination of one watching a train wreck. While the rest of the world may not be able to tear its eyes away, they sure as hell are not going to jump aboard while the trains hurtles faster and closer to the proverbial cliff. Maybe France wants to help out ol’ Bush. And monkeys might fly out my rear.

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Myringotomy (aka Ear Tubes)

Apparently, my son qualifies to have tubes put in his ears! Hmm… Not quite as good as winning a contest. *grin* I am rather happy that we are going to do something proactive to help his constant running ear infection end. He’s had an ear infection going on since February and we’ve been through the gamut of oral antibiotics. Dr. S says there is nothing stronger in the oral antibiotic category that can be used on The Munchkin’s ears… (even if there were, would we really want to use it on a 9 month old?) On next Tuesday, my little boy will have his second operation that will, insha’allah, go well. I am not too worried as this is a very common procedure, I felt good about the Doc, and the Doc is the same one who tubed my pediatrician’s kids (basically, she referred me to her own mechanic!). If all goes well, Munchkin’s ears will drain and dry out, no longer be filled with this gluey-like substance, and have a chance to let them mature to a point where they will be less prone to infection.

He’s had a big day so far… He’s napping in the swing behind me. He’s very sweet to look at. Too bad I can’t let him sleep long or he’ll never sleep tonight!

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A Simple Weekend

Saturday was mostly a stay at home and play with the baby day! As usual, the Munchkin is a joy. Yesterday, Munchkin, a girlfriend and I went to an art fair in the artsy part of the city that was okay. I’ve not gone to it in the several years I’ve lived here because there is a $10 charge at the gate… While it was fun to get out the house, this art fair was so not worth it. The fun part was getting rained on during our walk back to the car. The Munchkin thought the wind and the rain were interesting and didn’t mind it much unless we left him in the stroller getting pelted… My friend and I were soaked, but we kept the baby dry.

This afternoon we have an appointment with the Ear Nose Throat doctor to look at ways of clearing up The Munchkin’s ongoing ear infections. Make dua that it will be simple and effective.

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Who to blame?

Just in case you cared about the voice of one lone muslima: I didn’t do it. I didn’t bomb anyone or any group of people. I didn’t spout hateful rhetoric. I didn’t kill and maim bodies of soldiers in the streets of Iraq. I didn’t create al-Qaeda nor do I support them. I didn’t send money to bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.

As a muslim I am not responsible for the acts of other muslims. If you think so, then maybe you need to turn the equation around a bit. Are all Christians responsible for abortion clinic bombings and murders? Are all Jews responsible for the killing of Palestinians? Are all Palestinians in every corner of the earth (which is where many of them were displaced to), for that matter, responsible for the killing of Israelis? Are all Irish Catholics responsible for Sin Fein? Are all Americans responsible for Abu Ghraeb? No, no, no, no and NO again!

I despise hatred and killing for its sake. There. I’ve said it. Will you leave me and the rest of us alone? What more can one lone muslima do but to state her view? Should I shout for you? Would it be better if I made posters and banners and little flags to stick in the window of my car? No matter what I do, no matter what eloquence flows forth from my mouth, it will never be enough for the ones whose ears are closed and eyes are shut.

Al-Muhajabah’s links to Muslim Organizations that condemn terrorism

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Whee!! We’re on the Migraine Train!! Choo choo!

Woke up to the lovely visual disturbances that are my tip off for an oncoming migraine. Whoopee! I went back to sleep for another 45 minutes hoping to sleep through that part of (the visual disturbances are the most nauseating part of the whole migraine). There were still in play when I woke up. I had my prescription called in yesterday morning from my doctor for the prescription for them… of course I said I would pick it tomorrow. This was yesterday afternoon after the Munchkin and I had gotten home — I wasn’t about to pack him up and go on out again. And Allah’s (subhana wa ta’ala) sense of humor being what it is, I got the migraine this morning and was not able to wait around till the pharmacy opened at 8 am. I was at work at 7 am. So far, the excedrin migraine is working decently, but its going to have me bouncing off the walls soon as it has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee in addition to my morning Dr. Pepper. (No comments: you probably drink coffee yourself. No knocking my stimulant of choice.)

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