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I truly wish I had a voice recorder… I would be able to blog for you everyday in the morning, on my way to work and then type it all up later. My best material comes during the shower and before 7 a.m.

Last night, I had one of those headaches that makes your jaw, neck and face ache. It always feels like if you massage enough it will go away, but no such luck, ever. So I took some pain reliever and went to bed late last night. I jumped into the middle of the bed since I haven’t flipped the mattress in a while and my side is getting saggy and giving me backaches in the morning. I work up at 530 this morning in the same exact position I went to sleep in because I was so comfy.

I jumped on the scale this morning, like I do every morning to see if I am getting fat again. Ramadan was really good for me this and totally got my body back on the right track. I was 185 lbs before the good month and 170 lbs at the end of the good month. And almost one month later – I’m maintaining!! Woohoo! This morning, it looked like I might actually be slowly slipping into the 160s. Tres tres cool. However…

However, speaking of weight loss, my new boss (who is a nice guy and really does try to have good intentions but sometimes crosses the line of personal and professional) really has been on me to do some exercise because it’ll help me lose weight and be more awake during the daytime. I do not fault the man on his logic. He’s right – and he is proof that it works. He dropped about 30 lbs earlier this year just from some better eating and light exercise. I do fault him on not taking situations in account for why someone might just not be able to run out of the house for a quick walk every evening. Trying to exercise walk with a 2-year-old is just one step easier than taking your cat for a walk on a leash. And, even though the cat will put up more fight to going outside on the leash than the child, the cat weighs less when you give up and just carry it. So, just for those of you might not be in the know about children and directed exercise, this is for you.

A Play, in one act, In Which a Mother Tries To Take a Walk for Exercise

Mother: O, Son, you great and wonderous part of my being, flesh of my flesh, let’s go outside.
Son: NO. [child continues playing with plug and electrical outlet with great gusto]
Mother: Okay, then you can stay home by yourself. [walks to door, stage right]
Son: NO! Wanna go outside. [follows mother]

Outside, Mother and Son, dressed in outside clothes which involves way to many pieces for Mother Who Wears Hijab and Western Clothes and a large jacket for Son and hat.

Mother: O Son, let us walk this way in brisk manner swinging our arms!
Son: [no answer, is investigating hole and filling it with pine cones]
Mother: O Son, let’s go walk!
Son: [still checking out hole] No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
[neighbors look out windows]
Mother: Dearest Son, must I force you to bend to my will? My will is greater and stronger than yours and I am fat and must walk.
Son: Mommy fat. Mommy fat. Mommy fat. [giggles, shrieking] MOMMY FAT MOMMY FAT!
Mother: LET’s GO!! [mother walks away, child soon follows running to catch up]
Son: Ducks! [son runs in opposite direction towards ducks]
Son: Train! [runs in another direction]
Son: Icky Bug! [examines sidewalk, not moving]
Son: Rocks! [picks up rocks, not moving]
Son: Daddy’s Car! [runs into traffic]

[After what looks like a nervous breakdown, Mother gives up and takes son back in house] [Curtain down]

Walking with a two year old is juat a bit more fun than walking with your 80 year-old grandmother with her shot to hell knee. At least your grandmother probably has the good sense to be able to stay at home and probably not burn the place down or put her head in a toilet to figure out how it works. (The toilet thing hasn’t happened yet, but I expect it any day now) Its really too bad Dear Son doesn't like the stroller much except to push it.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Insha'allah, if you and yours celebrate a turkey day of any sort, I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends. My small family is all together today, alhamdulillah! Turkey is in the oven, child is being played with by his auntie and grannies. Its being a really good day.

My blogging abscence is really more due to lack of blogging time than anything else. I've been so pooped out at night.

Currently, my ponderous thought is this: Why did we dream and take so much time with education and plans when eventually you are going to be the housewife you never wanted to be anyway? And I mean housewife as a second job after being a mother and a professional? If it was all going to come down to this, it would have been better learning how to run a house than learning african history and political theory.

Anyways, work is going well. My first major project is going to the printer tomorrow and is being sent out to over 50000 people. Wowzers. There's a portfolio builder. Now, if they can only get me some publishing software and I can cut down the cost on graphic design. I know enough to be dangerous in a good way.

Hamza is doing really well. He is now starting short sentences and referring to himself in third person a lot. Its really cute. I am getting so much insight into what my mother must have gone through, and all mothers go through. I want to be his friend, but I am also his protector and guide which, many times precludes that friendship. I see myself yelling and being angry with Hamza for something and I know why I am angry (for his safety usually) and I can see my own mother being angry with me and how I thought she must hate me and think I am horrible. I wonder how many times my mother stood outside whatever room she put me in and just laid her head against the wall and sighed. Because we aren't really angry in the permanent sense, but angry in the scared I love you and I want you to be safe/happy/healthy/smart kind of way.

I wish I could share these insights with her. I wonder if she would laugh.

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Baby done left me

bum bada ba bum

My bed is cold,
and I'm all alone.
bum bada ba dum

The milk has gone old,
its 6:20 a.m.
Bum bada ba dum

I hear your snores
from across the room.
Bum bada ba bum

Three feet of baby,
he's sleeping on his own!

Baby done left me,
Bum bada ba dum
baby done left me!
Bum bada ba dum
He's all grown up,
he don't need me anymore.
bum bada ba dum

But my bed is cold,
bum bada ba dum
and I'm sleeing alone,
bum bada ba dum
must be time
to invite baby's daddy back home.

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I need some ideas for blogging. I am on a bit of burn out right now, but I don't want to ditch my blog. Please provide me with something interesting to blog on, ask me questions, or give me a head start. For the love of God, help me Blog!

I was just kidding on the last line.

BTW – Minime has started singing. Tinkle tinkle little star. Ha!

Also, we have our first trip to the zoo on Saturday. That was interesting. I have pics. I will post them if I ever download.

I need one of those tiny plug in drives instead of the stupid Kodak download device. That thing drives me nuts.

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Eid Mubarak

Asalaamu alaykum folks…

sorry for impromptu hiatus. Just needed a short break to finish the fasting, start the new job and deal with things.

Drama all sorted out regarding the new job, not quite the way I wanted it, but sorted out nonetheless.

Eid Mubarak! 🙂

Sad to say, Hubster and I sort of messed our own Eid up by putting ourselves in front of our son's need for a nap yesterday and the day sort of went downhill from there. Yeah, won't be doing that again for a while. 🙂

Insha'allah everyone is well! I will write more soon.

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