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The Legacy Institute is doing its 1st ever Safina Retreat. 

I had no idea that this had started.  Sh. Tewfik is a very nice brother with a very nice family, masha'allah.  He has, unfortunately, received a very poor audience here in Indianapolis at the masjid in town.  So he moved up north of town, it seems.  Insha'allah, I will be able to do something with these folk soon. 


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Grocery store evangelizm

Darn it, UmmZee!  You had to go talking about it and it happened to me over the weekend.

I was going into the grocery store on Sunday (figures) with son in tow to get some rootbeer for floats.  Son strayed to the verboten candy machines while I tried to get a cart.  Out from the registers door (both in and out doors open in the cart area which is inside) comes a woman with kiddos and one of those bohemoth kid carts in the vague shape of a race car that is about 1000 times harder to steer than a race car.  I look at her and then at son … I am really trying to avoid a scene with him wanting the cart.  I croos over to grab her and the woman is just staring at me… I initially thought it was because she was going to try to offer us the humongo cart…  But, it was "That Moment" for her, where to stomach went loopty loops and she thought in her head, "Its one of them.  I should tell her about Jesus.  Oh, God, I'm so nervous, Jesus help me! I won't betray you like Peter!" 

As I sweep by her to stick son in the card she looks me dead and in the face and says, "You know, Jesus loves you!"  At which, I have the biggest, stupidest looking grin on my face (I can feel it – I can barely keep from laughing out loud) and replied back, "Yes, he does!  Thanks for reminding me!"

I don't think she expected that response because she sort stood there dumbfounded for a moment and then moved on.  All I could think about was UmmZee totally making this happen by talking about it last week.

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Son is totally thrilled and excited by the dinosaur exhibit at the Children's Museum.  Everytime, "Can we go see the Bones?"  And he says bones with a nice, explosive b – bonz…

I took this as a learning opportunity to explain that people have bones inside them too.  Our arms and hands and chest.  Son took to this really well.  In fact, pointed with his hand and excitedly told me,

"That's my weewee —-" 

 How does a mother not bust up at this stuff.  He's comedic in a way he has no idea about.

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In the Car…

As we were getting in the car from some store, I opened the back door and stood back to let the heat out.  My son looked at me and said, in all seriousness,

"We have to get the hotties out."

No kidding.

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We are almost potty trained.  We, as in cute son.  I am so proud and thrilled … this could possibly the be The Last Package of Diapers.  In the last month, he's been using the toilet for The Important Stuff (hey, I'm trying not to be all mommy graphic and use words like bowel movement — oops.  I just did.).  Sometimes, he would use the toilet for #1 but not really reliably and he still preferred the convenience of his personal porta-potty.  But in the last few days, he's really picking up speed on that too.  He never misses for The Important Stuff. 

 This morning was particularly great because he woke up with A Dry Diaper.  You know what that means…  🙂  He happily rushed over the bathroom at my suggestion, set up his toilet seat and the foot stool and jumped up, asked me to wait outside the door (he does this everytime) and off he went!!! Whee!!!

After all the pressure from hubster about how kids from Back Homelandia all potty train by 18 months, this is so wonderful.  The true beauty is that cute son did this mostly on his own with just a bit of prompting from us.  He is so proud of himself.  He yells out, "Mommy, I made TWO poopoos!" "Mommy, I made peepee!" 

So proud…  now he's off to college!

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 Unctuously hypocritical.

We are in the company of Messrs Pumpkinskull, Sweedlepipe, Bumble, Tappertit, Honeythunder, Pumblechook, and Muddlebranes, whose names all came out of the mind of Charles Dickens. His ability to create memorable and frequently sarcastic names for his characters, his villains in particular, is surely unmatched in literary history. Pecksniffian derives from his Martin Chuzzlewit of 1844, in which Seth Pecksniff is a land surveyor and architect, though the author remarks that the only surveying of land he did was of the view of the countryside from his windows and that “of his architectural doings, nothing was clearly known, except that he had never designed or built anything.” In truth, Mr Pecksniff, though in appearance the most upright of men who prated about high moral principles and benevolence, was an awful hypocrite, full of meanness and treachery. Dickens remarked scathingly that “Some people likened him to a direction-post, which is always telling the way to a place, and never goes there.” In common with some other Dickens’ characters, including Gradgrind, Micawber, Podsnap, Scrooge and Uriah Heep, Pecksniff has become an archetype. He was turned into an adjective as early as 1851 and later became a noun, Pecksniffery.

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Word of the Day

 How appropos… I found one of these on my leg last night and I don't know where it came from, but it is rather ugly.

ec·chy·mo·sis (ĕk'ĭ-mō'sĭs) pronunciation

The passage of blood from ruptured blood vessels into subcutaneous tissue, marked by a purple discoloration of the skin.

[New Latin, from Greek ekkhumōsis, extravasation, from ekkhumousthai, to extravasate : ek-, out; see ecto– + khumos, juice.]

(definition borrowed from here)\


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