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4 part meme

Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life
1) Executive producer (I was in radio)
2) Information Specialist – that was my title on my paycheck, but I was more commonly referred to as a public information officer or a spokesperson.
3) Annual Fund Coordinator
4) Test Evaluator – you know those standardized tests? Flunkies like me graded them. Don’t you feel better about your kid’s scores now?

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have
1) Pirates of the Caribbean (one of the few grown up DVD’s I have)
2) When Harry Met Sally
3) The Negotiator – Its really Kevin Spacey I am watching.
4) American Beauty – Kevin Spacey.

Four Places I Have Lived
1) Indiana
2) Texas
3) Illinois
4) Indiana (I’ve moved several times)
Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
1) Law and Order, any of them.
2) Desperate Housewives
3) Discovery Health (any show) (this was my life saver of night time baby feeding existence two years ago)
Four Places I have been on Vacation
1) Acapulco, Mexico
2) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
3) Morocco
4) Japan (dang it, I want to go back!!)
Four Websites I Visit Daily
1) Sunnisister (www.sunnisisters.com)

2) Yahoo! Mail.

3) B. (Underwaterlight.blogspot.com)

4) Ebay
Four Favorite Foods
1) Chicken and Dumplings – my mother’s. And I never learned how to make them right.

2) Kabob. Rare Kabob. Might as well add steak to this category. Rare steak.

3) SUSHI!!

4) Ice cream. Je adore ice cream. Especially the sweet cream flavor at Cold Stone Creamery. I am easy to please sometimes.

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1) Not at work.

2) Japan

3) The Mediterranean, on a warm sunny beach, alone so I could actually get a tan.

4) In my bed, sleeping.

Four People Whom I Tag Next

1) Whoever wants to do this… No one tagged me, I tag no one.


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What a crazy busy fun super day. On Friday, I decided to have lunch at my place on Sunday – a group that turned out to be eight adults, three toddler/preschoolers and three babies. That's a lot of ppl in my apartment. B. showed up with her usual charm and cookies and her two boys along with my other non-bloggy friends. I cooked up a storm and have a few leftovers. It was such a good time to see people, chat and feel the community that we lose when its not Ramadan any longer. Somewhere along the way we sort of all became parents. *shudder* Strange.

We got to see photos of Hajj, alhamdulillah, from a 2 time hajja. We saw how much all of our kids have grown.

Right before they were leaving, B's son A1 reminded me I had promised to take them to feed ducks. So… we suited up Hamza and A1 and went out in search of ducks. Two ponds later, we found them and fed them. Then Hamza fell down the bank and rolled into the pond. Thank God its was my kid that fell instead of B.'s! I ran down the bank and almost fell in myself… My own fault for sliding on mud.

B., we need to do this again. Thanks for coming! I am so sorry that I got so busy with the dumb kitchen… I tried to get it all done before but it never works out that way.

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Quotable Hamza

I was just over reading at Islamic Parenting some of her children's comments and I remembered another of Hamza's the other day that just made me glow.

We had visited Target and picked up Emily the train (from the notorious boy series Thomas the Tank Engine). I have wanted Emily for quite a while but someone else was rather much interested in other engines on the line. But, he asked for Emily and he was not being a brat so I thought it would be nice. We had not aquired any new trains in a while. After a whole afternoon of wanting Emily out of the superduper mommy proof packaging that requires a machete to open (if you find a missing fingertip in your chili, it is probably mine), Hamza came to me after playing and said, "I like it, Mommy." That's all the thanks I need.

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Oh, what a big boy you have become, Hamza. Walking, talking, jumping, singing, attitude… you've got it all! *grin*

Last night at bedtime, we were singing our songs. I made Hamza sing one for me and he sang his whole ABCDs (thats what he call them!). So sweet and precious. He started singing about three or four months ago. Its so sweet. His favorite is dhikr singing, la ilaha illallah, muhammad ur rasool-allah! Very cute.

His favorite foods include: kosher gummi bears, mommy's macaroni (no kraft dinner for us!), honey milk, chocolate milk and corn and peas (frozen or cooked). Nice well rounded diet, eh?

Less than three weeks ago, we cut out the night time milk sippy. I was finally prepared for the hours of night time outrage we would have to suffer for nights on end… It was rather anti-climatic, however… he fussed for one night, I gave him a water sippy without telling him it was water, he drank some, gave it back and went back to sleep. Almost every night since, he has slept in his own bed for the entire night. I guess I was only being used as a night time sippy holder… not a mommy to snuggle and love. *sniff*

Conversation held last week:
Me: "What was at Mrs. V's (the babysitter)."
Hamza: "Kids."
Me: "Are you a kid?"
Hamza: "No. I'm a Hamza."

We are starting to pottytrain. I suppose I am letting him take the lead on this since it is his bowels and not mine. (it is my pocketbook however that feels the true diaper love) Every so often his timing is matches his desire to sit on the toilet. The rest of the time is just him having bubbles and not knowing the difference between that and #2. We have only had poop in the bath tub twice.

The last thing I can think of right now is that he is learning social manners. He's known thank you since he could start speaking, alhamdulillah. But now, he asks if I want something he has. "Mommy have some?" He is a good boy and I hope he stays that way.

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Asalaamu alaykum, y'all.

I am really all crunked up right now about customer service. Patrons deserve to be treated well – they are putting bread and butter on your table. If you are going to do something, do it. If you can't, let them know why. If you messed up, cop to it and make amends. Sounds simple, eh?

I am calling a business out on the rug today. I didn't last time because I hoped it was a one time super screw up. Alas, I have been proven wrong.

Al-Hannah clothing, www.alhannah.com, has screwed up twice with me and I have had it. Last time, they lost my invoice, didn't return multiple attempts at contact through phone and email, no longer had in stock what I wanted and the mechandise I was sent was substandard. The idiot in me decided to give them another shot on Monday. Monday morning, to be precise, in the early a.m. Their website said that I could expect shipping that same day when I placed the order. On Tuesday, when I tried to enter my tracking number, it didn't exist yet. On Wednesday I entered my tracking number and it didn't exist. I tried to call the biz three time in one day, left multiple messages and received no contact back whatsoever. Today, I entered my tracking number and it didn't exist. I called this morning – lo and behold I did get a person. None of my messages from yesterday were acknowledged. The item still had not shipped. Someone who was supposed to do it yesterday called in sick (why is this my problem? I know there is more than one person working there. Besides the package was suppposed to be sent on Monday.) I decided at that moment that to cancel my order to give them one more chance to redeem their customer service. They didn't try to apologize or keep my business. Throw in a free hijab boys or something. Make me understand why I should do business with you!

This type of service at muslim stores is something I keep seeing time and time again. Resentful managers who think you trying to scam them for a buck even though your entire family got ill after eating YOUR sweets. *sigh* maybe they just don't want business. ARGH. I am so irritated.

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After the debacle late last year regarding the Muslim liquor stores in the SF Bay Area, the following flyer has been published as a collaborative effort between Zaytuna, Masjid Waritheen, East Bay and SF masjids and others to address the issue of Muslim stores owners in Oakland and surrounding areas. The flyer is being distributed in English and Arabic.

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

“Muslim” Owned Liquor Stores: Not in Our Name

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said “Truly Allah has cursed khamr (alcohol) and the one who produces it, the one for whom it is produced, the one who drinks it, the one who serves it, the one who carries it, the one for whom it is carried, the one who sells it, the one who earns from the sale of it, the one who buys it, and the one for whom it is bought.” (al-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud)

One of the most unfortunate problems facing Muslims today is the fact that in some of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, the majority of liquor store owners are Muslim. This has done immense damage to the image of Islam and Muslims, especially since these are the very communities that have historically been most receptive to the message of Islam.

The human cost is even greater. Alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of death in this country (over 85,000 deaths per year); it is a major factor in domestic and teen violence; and it is often the first drug for those whose lives are eventually destroyed by drugs. Many of these liquor stores are nexuses for other forms of destructive vices in the community such as drug peddling, pornography, gambling, and fencing (the buying and selling of stolen goods). Rarely found in more “affluent” neighborhoods, these stores, with their easy access to liquor, exacerbate the poverty, despair, immorality, and oppression that has lead to the destruction of legions of young lives in poor residential communities.

In Oakland, the animosity generated towards Muslims involved in this cursed trade recently lead to vigilante activity. While we do not condone such actions, this was a wake-up call for many concerned Muslims.

Now is the time to let the community know that Islam does not condone this filthy trade. Now is the time for us to join those who have been struggling for years to stop this exploitative business. Now is the time for action. We declare and affirm unequivocally that the religion of Islam categorically prohibits any Muslim from engaging in the sale of alcohol, without exception or compromise. We call on all Bay Area Muslims to join us in an effort to end this scourge that is destroying some of our most underprivileged neighborhoods. Our campaign begins with:

• Friday, January 20, 2006 – A Jumu’ah of Consciousness: We call on all Bay Area Masjids to address the issue of alcohol, its strong prohibition in Islam, and its social destructiveness.

• Saturday, January 28, 2006 – Taking It To the Streets: A march that mobilizes the community to send a strong message that we are outraged by the destructive, immoral and haram actions of our coreligionists, and that we join allies from other groups in their struggle to rid our communities of this exploitative institution. Flyers advertising the march will be distributed at the previous Jumu‘ah, Insha Allah.

• In the long term, we will be networking with community activists to help develop alternativemodels of economic development, dialoguing with liquor store owners to urge them to embrace these alternatives, appealing for changes in local and state policies and regulations in regard to liquor stores in poorer communities, assisting in community education and empowerment initiatives, and initiating other measures that are needed to affect a long-term and lasting redress of this issue.

To be effective we need your support, and the support of your Masjid and community. We may not be able to end all alcohol trading in our poorer communities. However, we can make a big difference, and we can declare to all that will listen that any trading in this cursed poison that does go on does not occur in our name, nor does it have our endorsement.

We invite you to join us.
Coalition of Concerned Bay Area Muslims
For more info or to add you endorsement, contact: 510-868-8318

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I am such a mental slug. I have been reading for pure pleasure, not emailing anyone and basically not thinking much in my off time.

The trip to LA was nice inasmuch as it was a change from the normal routine. The weather was rather sucky, foggy, damp and in the 50's and 60's. I would rather have straight up cold with sunshine. I was sad that there was no one from blogland to see in LA. I spent a lot of time doing grunt work for work, but that was expected.

We have had two weeks in a row with nice days off and now, one more with nice days off because of Eid and working for Nice Islamic Organization.

Work is beating me in the head with more data entry than I have ever had. I hate Oracle. Yes, I said hate. Its awful. We are maintaining two databases, one Oracle, on SQL, so they are totally different. The oracle is hell bent on ruining any day I use it on.

Hamza is talking up a storm. Long sentences with purposes. Its amazing. Suddenly, he's calling us Mom and Dad and that is totally NOT COOL. I want to be Mommy. Its one of the perks of the job.

My brain is just not functioning right now with the staggering amount irritation I habor for data entry. *sigh* And I am fasting, so I have to be nice. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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