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Blogging Break

Salaams to anyone still reading.

I just can’t keep up. With anything.

My lack of updating has just sort of turned into a blogging break except that I’ve been feeling guilty because I didn’t define it.

So there. Blog break. But please still talk to me and email. I can still do that. I’m still reading too. I just need to get back to where I can tell the difference between my rear end and my head.

Please make du’a. I don’t make anywhere near enough and rarely for myself.

I may post or I may not. I just don’t want the pressure of it right now bearing down on me.

Reach me at scarflady786 dash blogbreak at yahoo dot com. (Dash means – and dot means. and at means @).


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Jumping on the bandwagon… here’s my two cents on the cartoon controversy from Denmark.


And to all the brothers and sisters who are being whipped into a frenzy by their leaders – and this goes out to them too:


I really can’t say it much simpler than that. This is turning into another wonderful circus exhibition for the rest of the world to look at us and further degrade us by our own undignified actions. I don’t think it was right to caricaturize our Prophet, peace be upon him, but it is worse that our actions have been violent in retaliation. The Saudi boycott of Danish good was superb – it actually made a serious dent in the Danish pocketbook – AND IT WAS PEACEFUL. The most serious and convincing demonstrations in modern times have been peaceful and effective while raising the level of discourse on the issues above simple brutality.

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