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Underwater Light is having a boy!!!! In the not so famous words of Sylvestor the Cat’s big dumb cousin, “I’m gonna love him, and hug him and call him George.” *big grin*

May you be blessed with a pious child!


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Fun ways to blow Internet Time

I have nothing of note to blog right now, but I can share my favorite sites… *grin*

Tontie — sort of like whack-a-mole with rules. All visual. Very fun and addictive.
Grow — by the maker of Tontie… you have to place things in different orders to make stuff happen.
Shockwave — Tons of Shockwave games, some popular, some not, some free online, some free downloadable. Enjoy!
The Zone — MSN’s free online games
Yahoo! Games — Yahoo’s free online games. Mostly the same as MSN, but some versions work differently on different computers.
Flip Wit — Addictive online card game from Shockwave.

Of all the above, I have to say that Tontie and Grow are my favorites. I don’t play Grow so much since I cheated and googled the solution. Bad me.

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Ten Most Recent Spam Titles (so sue for for being bored)

The Anti-Wrinkle Breakthrough of the Decade
(Quit frowning so much.)
RSVP: Rolex or Cartier or Breitling
NY Times Touchscreen Crossword Puzzle
(I have a blog – I need no other time killer!)
Participate Now and Receive a 7 inch Portable DVD Player
(Do I have to harvest a kidney for this?)
No More Guessing. Find Someone Truly Compatible
(through an email!)
Christian? Single? We have the solution!
(No, no, and I doubt it.)
Affordable Health Insurance now available
(Sure, I bet it covers nil)
Eat Burger King for a Year
(If you do this, you need the one two down from this one)
Eliminate your bills the Christian way
(Exactly what does this mean?)
Your fat burning miracle is here
(You have a way to my rear end off the couch?)

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Slogging through…

… snow, work, diapers… Ha! In for the short week here, off Monday and Friday this week, but busy in the middle (a first time ever for this week of the year).

I am just reeling mentally about the destruction and devastation surrounding the earthquake and tsunamis in the Indiana Ocean. I just can’t even imagine what that looked like coming in. Or feeling your loved ones slip through your fingers as you are swept inland or out to sea. Inna lilahi wa inna ilahi rajium (pardon if I typed that wrong), but Allah we come and to Allah do we return.

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Ahhh… DSL.

About time too. Its been hooked up, but come to find out, the cat chewed through one or more of the cables. Hrm. But all is well now.

My son is in the room with me playing with one of his many singing/flashing toys and letting me type. Something is wrong with this picture.

Yesterday was boring supremo. Nothing open and too cold to go if anything was. I hope I never have to give birth during or right before winter. I get so cabin fevered that I would hate to cooped up with a newborn because the weather was too cold. Its all about getting pregnant between July and November. Haha… as if we could all time it. But you can try.

DH and I with son actually went out together to the mall. DH bought DS clothing (shocker!) and I bought him some rubber duckies at Bath and Body Works. On sale, of course.

Can the random tone of this blog entry tell you I’ve been cooped up in the house too much with a small child?

Does anyone want to come clean and organize my house? I’ll pay for it. Really.

Give me some ideas of games to play in the house with a 16 month old. Pillow mountain has been done. We’re running out of ideas.

Must go. My typing activities have been noticed by the wee one.

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Weatherman didn’t lie, darnit!

Grrr… or should that be Brrr? It snowed. A lot. And we don’t even have the worst of it. Haha. Yesterday morning, no snow in my neck of the woods, but two miles south there were several inches down. Still no snow yesterday evening. But this morning, the frozen fluff came up to my knees in the driveway (and I am of normal height). Took about 20 minutes to uncover my car with the broom. And it only gets worse the farther south you go. Mwa hahahaha. Just kidding.

There are snow emergencies in several counties southeast of the Indianapolis area where roads are just plain impassable. Insha’allah, people will stay home and be safe. Too bad that leaves me as the only person in the office!

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Super size my snowcone please!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Between here and Louisville, we are expecting 8-10 inches of snow before Friday. Should be starting tonight, insha’allah. I am hoping this is one of those storms that everyone gets hyped up about but never happens, but somehow I doubt it. Looks like we’re stuck at home this weekend. Better get some videos… oh wait, I have a 16 month old. We don’t watch videos… just kidding. We just don’t get to watch as many. Must remember to go get milk tonight or we won’t have any soon!

As for things on the homefront, not so great, but that’s no change. I am finally medicating under doctor supervision (as opposed to self medicating with food, books and sleep) which is starting to help my ol’ brain de-fog. In fact, I’ve been positively giddy (as my foot taps, the knee goes up and down and I clack what little is left of my finger nails…). Naught but good has ever come from the big “P” for me, thank goodness. I just needed the wherewithall to be honest with myself and a medical practitioner about needing some help.

Signing off for today…

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