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Sunnah Sunburns

I never did around to my sunnah sunburn story… Not that it’s much of story. The actual day was the story and sunnah sunburn was the aftermath. A couple of weeks ago, a girlfriend and I took my son to the State Fair. It was bright, warm day with low humidity (the second best kind of day there is next to a bright, 75F, low humidity day). I was dressed well – cotton hippie kurta and patchwork strip skirt with happy white eyelet fringe. We went everywhere and did tons of walking. Hamza loved the Fair tram which was a John Deere tractor (fueled by SoyBioDiesel as the signs so often told us) with tram cars attached to the back that had bench seats along the side. Very nice, very cheap – fiddy cent to get all the way around the fair. We saw llamas, sheep, horses (HUGE horses) and lots of strange people. I was actually NOT verbally accosted for the first time ever. Huge improvement. Our state fair actually has ONE affordable food booth: The Dairy Bar. Grilled cheese in multiple flavors, ice cream shakes, milk in two flavors (that would regular and chocolate). I ended up getting three grilled cheeses, one chocolate milk and one shake for something in the range of 6 or 7 bucks.

We spent about three hours there and when I got home – let’s just say I was a bit toasty on my hands and face only. I even had hijab lines on the side of my face… *sigh* Such a cute little cherry nose. And of course, Hamza’s inner-arab-shroominess just gave him a nice farmer tan. Someday, someway, I will find a place to get an even, if unhealthy, tan.


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(I am going to try to do this in ten minutes… I am so tired its not funny, but I its the only time I have to blog)

Yes, I saw the movie and I loved it. It made me laugh so hard it hurt. Too bad watching it with DH was such a disaster… *sigh*

Actually, Hamza and I have become trainspotters ourselves. This is our new entertainment in the evenings. Three or four times since Sunday, we have planted ourselves next to the CSX rail line that is near our home and watched the train do his little dance. We have some manufacuting sector nearby and the double engine team comes, drops off trains and rearranges them and this takes hours. Really. Back and forth. And there is a road that he has to cross occasionally so we get some good loud horn blasts. We take the car (its a bit too far for me and a toddler to walk), park in a small privated business driveway and sit on the trunk for while just watching. I have never had Hamza sit this still for this long. We are talking 45 minutes. This is unheard of. Unfortunately, going so often to watch the trains is having the same effect that diet soda had on my son — whining, crying and general pissiness if we don’t see the train (even if its not there to watch). Why does he have to ruin a good thing?

I went to see b. from Underwater Light this last weekend down in her town. Her sons, A1 and A2 are so gorgeous, masha’allah. We had really nice time watching the kids play (A1 and Hamza that is… A2 really tried but just couldn’t keep up with two running boys). A2 is growing like a weed. He is so cute and baby-chubby (b, I only mean that in a good way)

Gotta fly…

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I am just aching to blog… i have fun things to talk about like trains and good days and state fairs and The Sunnah Sunburn. Really. Later tonight, I will try. Really I will.

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Blogging meme

Aha! DP made it a meme even if Chai didn’t want it to be…

1) Do you think your blogging friends have an accurate image of you? How well do you think you know them?

I doubt it. How can any of us get a good feel for a person simply through their blog? Same goes the other way. I have an odd personality… I tend to snarl more often than I should.

2) Is there a certain ‘type’ of blog that you usually read? Do you mostly read blogs of people similar to you or different from you?

I usually like people blogs – where people share their daily experiences. I am a bit of an internet voyeur. I do mostly read blogs like mine. Go figure.

3) If there was a blog convention and you had the opportunity to meet everyone in blog-land in real life would you go?

Heck Yeah!! But we would probably need a good dinner to eat while meeting each other so when talking got awkward, we would have something to do.

4) If you went and you were seated at a table for four, which other bloggers would you want at your table?

DP said me and I was touched. 🙂 I’ll tag you back, along with UmmZaid, and Levantine Historian who is no longer blogging, but I can only imagine that he is hilarious in real life. I am not neglecting Underwater Light, but we are already becoming fiends, I mean friends, IRL. 🙂

5) Do you share your blog with significant others, family and friends in your real life or is it your little secret?

Nope. No family checking, no friends (that could be because I don’t have any…hmm). And no hubbie as far as I know. I need some place to vent.

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Hello, my name is UmmHamza and I eat store meat. (“hello, ummhamza!”)

There I said, I’m out of the closet on that. That being said, I am trying to stop eating store meat and move to zabiha (slaughtered) meats.

This all started because I got grossed by store chicken. Has any one taken a good luck at those legs and thighs and other parts (I will refrain from the name of the white meat section since I don’t want those kind of hits) and thought about them actually on a chicken. They are HUGE! A cost-savvy consumer might think this is good, more bang from the buck – which is exactly what the chicken producers of this country want you to think. God did not create The Incredible Chicken Hulk. People with white coats did. (Not the same white coats that may be leading me away to a padded room soon.) They are huge, mostly flavorless and the cook strangely. It should not take over an hour at 375 degrees F to cook chicken legs in your oven. And even then, they were still more juicy that I thought right after an hour and a half. Producers in this country (and others, I am sure) are feeding these animals other rendered animals, antibiotics and hormones. That stuff isn’t good for chickens and it certainly is not good for us.

So I moved to chemical free chicken. And it is cost prohibitive. Ten bucks for roasting chicken? And its not even cooked??? Sheesh. But I have found some mass marketed chemical free chicken and it has been tasting better and been smaller (more like a real chicken, not The Incredible Chicken Hulk).

Beef hasn’t give me the willies yet… but it would if I thought about it more. (I went veg for about a year after reading Diet for a New America.)

Recently, however, I became concerned about eating zabiha. As muslims, we are only supposed to eat animals that are zabiha. This means they were raised nicely, fed well, allowed to grow up and are slaughtered in a humane way to cause less suffering to the animal. Almost all the zabiha meat I have eaten has been been very tasty.

Here’s my problem: I can’t buy meat from zabiha butcher. It doesn’t look clean or sanitary. It grosses me out more than chemical chicken. I know I am supposed to trust Muslims over non-muslims, but I can’t get over my gut reaction to the butcher shop. I know this is silly, but we all have our own foibles. I need suggestions here because I am running out of things to cook minus a meat product. I am forced chef. If I didn’t need to cook, I wouldn’t unless it was something fun and I had tons of time on my hands.

I wish we had zabiha butchers whose stores looked like a regular supermarket — clean, bright lights, organized items…Our international stores here are real holes.

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I am inspired by Dictator Princess to share some of the more interesting searches that have found my blog…

Firetruck bed: Yup, we have one. Bought it used for 100 buckos. And the kid still spends half the night in my bed.

Indiana State Fair shower: Hmm… I never thought that set of words would go together. A lot of ppl at the fair do need a shower though.

“How to unlock a door with a credit card” : Yes, I do know how to do this. And it doesn’t work on many locks anymore. I used to live in an ancient apartment building and the doors locked when closed and I had the really awful luck of getting locked out often (which, btw, was a $25 dollar charge for getting it open). So a friend with a dubious yet exciting past taught me how to slide that little card in, just like so and clickaroo. It works better with those little cards you get at the stores now to use as a coupon card. They are extra bendy.

it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society: Ain’t that the truth.

athological indecision: What does anthological mean?

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Go find out about Svalbard Poppy, the Treaty of Waitangi, and NASA astronaut Clifton Williams.

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