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Food for thought

It’s Not Your Father’s America Anymore

Passive Agression at its Best

As you can see, I am not having quality blogging time at present without foregoing sleep, something I would only do for blogging and… well, umm, yeah, just leave it at blogging. I wish I had something to say worthwhile today that wasn’t about hating my job or wanting to play in a park or drinking zero calorie soda that actually tasted like regular.

I need to go now and get ready for my parachute jump. (I think that’s for you Sume)


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Suprising Find

On Sunday, in our quest to find somewhere open, Hamza and I went to a Half Price Books across town from us (we can’t go to the one near our home because they have a water cooler and my son is utterly fascinated to the point of obsession with it). I have about three sections that I look in at every store and one of those is the Islam section just to see what they have. Unlike Borrders and B&N, they sometimes have an interesting selection of books that are not usually carried in regular american bookstores. In the past, I have found abridged english versions of Hadith by Bukari, decent Quran translations, and sometimes a selafi tract or two (not that I want those!) But this time was the penultimate coup of finds at HalfPrice: Reliance of the Traveler, translated by NHM Keller. WOOHOOO!!! The absolutely priceless part of this was that I asked this week on one of my yahoogroups if anyone had a copy of it to loan me and I received no response. Well, by God, this was a response. !!! *grin* I have been reading quite a bit of it and it is utterly fascinating. Alhamdulillah!

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jesus is alive!

Jesus (peace be upon him) is alive!

A small point that many of our non-muslim don’t realize is that we believe in the prophethood of Jesus and that he is the messiah and he was born of a virgin birth. Umm Zaid has put together a nice post that says basically everything I would want to say on the topic and then some. Enjoy. UZ — sorry for linking you on this, but I never would get my brain together enough to actually put that post together. Thanks!

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Music to my ears

Music to my ears

The sounds of a small child in the throes of fun are drifting through the closed door of our 2nd bedroom (henceforth called a den) along with the sounds an absent-all-day-daddy-who-had-car-repairs-and-is-making-it-up-to-mommy. I feel so peaceful. Hamza was clingy all afternoon and lost my temper with him because nothing was amusing to him and he was wah-wah-wah for about an hour. I can only thank God that the thoughts that crossed my mind didn’t go much further than that. M.O.M. (mean old mommy) is amused because Hamza is screaming at dada right now.

Mom went back in the hospital yesterday after her appointment at the transplant institute. Her kidney is not working well, neither is her heart, and she feels like crap. There is so little that can be done on my part and it is frustrating. Being there would be almost useless as the hospital can do the things for her that I would do at home. Plus, she hates for me to see her sick.

I am looking out the window as I type and am watching two ducks walk across the grass. I never realized how much camoflauge the lady ducks had… its twilight right now and I missed her completely even though I was looking for her. Her little ducky husband was twaddling along but she was almost impossible to find in the twilight.

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I fixed the permalink.

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Need some html help

I need two things in the coding of this bloggieboo…

  1. I am not getting a direct link to the entry shown in my “blah blah wrote this at *time*”. How can that be put in there?
  2. I want the nifty title line that blogger post page give you to show up on this blog. I found the tag, but I can make it get ‘title-like’.

Thank you!

I am sitting here, zoning on Chocolate cake from costco… very evil deceptive cake. Its got my brain spinning.

We have tomorrow off because of Good Friday (sounds like a good friday to me).

DH has brought up the idea of moving to Boston which scares the crap out me (me=moveophobe). No plans yet, just a suggestion from his Moroccan murid friends there who owns a cafe.

Still spinning from cake.

Finishing work and blogging… how efficient.

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Changing blogs

No more posts here … eventually, I would like to transfer the archives over. If anyone has any good suggestions as to a way to expedite that procedure, please let me know.

The new blog is Aboulemania: Pathological Indecision. Link away…

I am still tweaking.

Things I need, code-wise:

Blogspot has a title line that is coded into its interface and the html. I can’t make it show up in the new blog unless it looks like all the other text… bolding it doesn’t seem to work.

Thats about it for now.

Ciao! 🙂

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