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Carmex MINT: A Review

Last week, hubster stole my gigantor pot of Carmex (okay, its not the kilo pot they sell on their website, but its a larger pot) (and they don't show it on their website anymore, but I saw it!!) because of an icky cold sore. Needless to say, I don't really want the pot back, so I was at the store and saw a Carmex Click Stick Mint, with SPF 30 Sunscreen. Hmm. I bought it for the almost bargain price of $1.49.

This stuff feels more tingly cool than regular Carmex to me. Its smells more minty, but the flavor really isn't much different than regular. I am giving the Minty Carmex an objective (read: not addicted) thumbs up. For the addictions, the extra tingly will give you a happy high.

Happy Glossing.


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Why is my child becoming psychotic????? ARGH!! I think this goes part and parcel with the whole terrible twos thing, but we are hitting a new level of frustration in the UmmHamza household. Its becoming a bedtime issue now. He doesn't want to go bed, then he wants in his bed, then in mine, then in his. Then he wants water, but won't drink it, then wants tucked in and screams when I touch a blanket. I think he isn't getting enough dad time because this wasn't happening as much when dad got home from work after Hamza bedtime… but its been a week or two since dad worked really late like that I haven't seen a bedtime in a while with just me and him.

I am griping here because everytime I have griped in the past when Hamza situations have gotten bad, they miraculously fix the next day. So, here's to trying.

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Crafty Bug Bites

Its been ages since I got crafty. If I had an unlimited budget at JoAnn Superstore I would be dangerous. Last weekend, I dug out my sewing machine and sewed 3/4 of a skirt (I didn't get the hem done because small biting whining creature attacked). It took me almost an hour to figure out how to work the silly thing again and to get my tension fixed so the stitches looked right.

The skirt didn't turn out very good and it was a bad material to use without a liner — static electricity big time. I have three or four more swathes of material to use to make skirts. Should be fun.

I am also going to start making some of my homemade lip balm this week too. Its been a while. This will take working out too because I forgot my recipe amounts. The ingredients are simple: a carrier oil, a wax, a solid oil and a moisturizer. For example: almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Depending on the amount of cocoa butter you use, it will smell more or less like chocolate (unless you buy the scentfree cocoa butter… now, why do this when you can get some nice smell FOR FREE)… Somewhere in there you add flavor. I have a giant bottle of moroccan mint (it was being discontinued. I don't know why.) and a small one of margharita. Mmm. Margharita mix … yummy. (The mix is non-alcoholic. Don't hate on me.)

Other things I have made while being crafty:
Fleece blankets, sewn and unsewn. I use my sewn one every night. Mmm. Warm.
Hippie strip skirts.
Baby blankets. Those are fun to make.
Knitting – that was when I was a kid. I can't knit now to save my life.
Crochet – I'm not good at this, for real. I hold the yarn to tight.
Candlemaking. This is one of my favorites. I made candles as Crimmis gifts years ago.
Painting and stenciling on paper boxes. Still a favorite. I did this for my baby shower, little blue boxes with silver feet stamped on the top filled with yummy smelly bath salts.

I should really get serious with one of the above and make myself a niche business. That would be fun. Baby shower favors anyone? *grin*

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