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Busy weekend

What a good weekend, for a change.  Went to Chi-town for an aqiqah which was fun.  Cute son was uber-fabulous in the car, both ways. I just want to hug him and squish him for it because it made me so happy.  The mother is an American muslimah and she just wasn't mentally ready for the invasion of well wishers.  I totally remember the feeling from when cute son was born.  I actually didn't have the aqiqah because to adamantly said no to doing anything social.  Alhamdulillah, the baby was beautiful and healthy and hungry!

I bought so many sweets its pathetic.  Wafer cookies, mamools, chocolate (particularly Kinder – its a polish choc with a milky center).  Had some good kabob and sherwarma which I can't get here at home unless I figure out how to make it myself.  I wanted to go hijab shopping but hub was in too much of a hurry to go hang out with the guys.  Mrph.

We got home early this morning, 130 or 2 a.m.  I was so tired this morning and cute son is bounding around with so much energy since HE got to sleep on the way home.  I didn't have to drive on the way home, but hub's driving kept waking me up everytime I almost was ready to drift away.  Dude, put the cruise control on at 75 mph and just coast.  

So, tired today… made the ritual weekend trip to Costco, had snacks, soda, hotdog.  Bought some chicken meatballs and portobello mushrooms.  One of the shrooms was used in spagetti for tonights dinner.  

I did a marathon craft session this afternoon and evening.  I cut and sewed the hard part of a quilt top (the patchy stuff)… I have not been using my sewing machine enough to remember how certain things work … stitches are looking weird …  sort of diagonal (mildly) instead of a straight, straight line.  And no, I don't have the book anymore.  

 I think I will be able to instill a love of crafting in my son, insha'allah.  I bought him a bag of pony beads and some hemp string and now we have bead necklaces everywhere.  Anyone want a rainbow subha made by my almost three year old?   He's really good and totally enjoys stringing them.   


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Tonight, as I sat in my hijacked dining room/box room/computer room, cute son decided he was thirsty and was not going to wait for me to help out the situation. He went to the fridge, opened it (he found out he can open the new apartment's fridge really quickly), pulled out the huge brita pitcher and proceeded to pour himself a cup of water right there on the floor of the kitchen. *small tear of joy* He even cleaned his own mess. It was so sweet and cute. Especially since the pitcher is twice the size of his head.

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This is in no way directed at anyone reading this blog… but more of an observation to help your relations with friends in a time of personal crisis.

  1. Don't suggest counseling unless you are really sure it has NEVER crossed her mind.  Otherwise, its like saying, its just a little fight and you can fix it!  Marital counseling has crossed my time numerous times throughout my marriage and I know my FOB husband is not keen on it – if he went, he would fake and lie in front of the therapist because of the whole privacy of marriage issue.
  2. Offer to go out with her.  More than likely the only adult contact she is getting is at work (if she works outside the home) which is work and not fun or with the person she can't get along with at all. 
  3. Offer food if it seems appropriate.  This is a high stress time of life and cooking is low on the priority list.  It would be nice to heat something up that didn't come out of Marie Callander box.
  4. Listen.  Don't try to fix.  Trust me, its been hashed and rehashed a million times already in her own mind.
  5. Don't downplay it.  Whatever is making this situation happen, be it spousal abuse or merely a lack of partnership, it is significant and huge to the person its happening to.  When you downplay it and make it not important, you are now one more person who is not helping the situation.

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A meme…

I am… a single mother with a husband.
I want… my home to be less cluttered.
I wish… I had a large family.
I hate…able-bodied, able-minded people who act helpless.
I miss… my mother.
I fear… that I won’t find a partner in crime.
I hear I am not… the easiest person to deal with.I dance… to 80’s retro.
I sing… anytime the mood strikes me.I cry… when my feelings get hurt.

I am not always… sick.  Just since I’ve been at this job.
I make with my hands… arts and crafts – sewing, needlepoint, gardening.
I write… because there is no one to talk to here.
I confuse… screws.  Lefty loosey, righty tighty.
I need…to feel God in my life.
I should… cook more and pray more.
I start… many things.
I finish… few.

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Tea on the Step

Am sick… might actually get better someday.  Will stop griping and remember all bad sins that are being forgiven for everything green in my sinuses.  Make du'a for my family!

Last night, feeling icky, took cute child out for a ride on this tricycle.  Not any sort of marathon-like ride, but some fresh air, etc, and ended up on my front step after a short trip to the playground (nearby).  I sat on step, child rode bike up and down long sidewalk and kicked around an errant soccer ball (not ours).  Nice muslima neighbor saw me outside hanging around with child and invited me to tea!  🙂  Very nice.  We sat on her step, watched her kids playing with my son.  Very nice way to enjoy sunset. 

Only bad part is that I am now obligated to do tea… at least she didn't invite me inside, so I can do outside tea too!  Dining room will never get unpacked.  Has turned into british box room. 

(Have read way too much Bridget Jones and can't stop writing in strange little sentences.) (Did enjoy B. Jones much… hope second book is good too) (only saw movie of first book) (I read the whole book in my head with british accent. V. good.)

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Google blunder?

I am at work … and not wanting to start a new project 30 mins before going home…  so…

I googled the word f*ckwit.  I have been reading Bridget Jones' Diary and she uses the word  a lot… With the mood I am in, its a really fun, great word.  Sorry for the crassness.

The first link that comes up in this search is John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister of the UK.  Hahahhaa.  I might have to try this with some other words.

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Is there really someone or some program out there that just waits until you give up your blog name and takes over?  My old blog has been taken over by an advertisement for dog food or some such nonsense.  Hrmph.  It was a cool name which has been asimilated into the advertising borg.

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