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I decided to do National Blog Posting Month, or Nablopomo. Say that six times fast. I’ve just spend the last 15 minutes trying to figure out how the hell to put the Nablopomo image somewhere on the page and its just not working.


So, I am putting it here.  In the post.  So, nyah.

Anyways, I am going to try to do this again and see I can unsuck at blogging… if anything, it might be cathartic.  But I am doing this in bullet points because I don’t know if I can be creative anymore.

Here goes.

  • I don’t know if it was hormonal or what, but I was in a foul mood mood for most of the day today.  The only time it lifted was when I was walking in WalFart with the kid and I wrapped my arm around his mouth and enjoyed the silence.  Double benefit, he thinks its a fun game, not a sanity exercise.
  • I’ve had some sort of a headache all day.
  • My winter rhinitis is back with a vengeance.  And nasonex is 80 smackers a bottle… too much for me right now.
  • I’m in love with Dr. Pepper again.  I don’t know how this happened.  I LOVED me some DP when I was growing up.  I thought it was the best stuff ever.  And then I hated it.  It started tasting weird… about the same time as when I moved up north…  something in the bottling perhaps?  Anyways, I’ve been sucking down the stuff in record amounts for the last couple of weeks, all from the fountain.  Been mixing it with Diet DP to minimize the damaging rear end expansion effects…
  • I still have a headache and I am sitting in a dark room looking at a computer screen.  What sort of moron am I?
  • I thought that today was Halloween all day and was in awe of how subdued everyone was and surprised that I had not trick or treaters.  Then someone had to burst my bubble tonight.  OH well.
  • I made Dump Cake tonight.  Yum.  With apple pie filling.
  • The kid and I went downtown today to see the Colts rally.  Kudos to the kid who walked almost the entire time… and we walked a lot.  Had to park quite a ways from the Circle too.
  • Does anyone know any homeopathic stuff for allergic rhinitis?
  • Hamza got to spend time with his dad tonight.
  • We have two things to do tomorrow:  Laundry (boo!) and a playdate (yay!).  They balance each other.
  • All the canned mushrooms at WalFart are grown in China or Indonesia.  Is Indonesia better than China?  I don’t know… but I didn’t buy any.

Before this becomes anymore incoherant, I will stop.  😀

Did ya miss me?  I doubt it.


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