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Yeah, I’m still here. I know the vicious rumours said I had gone to live a solitary life in the jungles of Borneo while living on fried ants and native vegetation, but it is not so.

We (Hamza and I) made a trip down to the wilds of Texas last week to do some sorting of my mother’s belongings. My auntie has done most of the work, alhamdulillah, but I know it has been hard for her because they were the best of friends. Hamza had a fabulous time with his “nina”, as he calls here. He even ran to her at the airport.

Work is hectic and crazy busy. In my dream life I have a job with little responsibility, unguilty web access and decent pay. In real life I was sucker punched two months ago with the threat of termination and now I grovel and try hard to not be adverse to change.

The awful heat of the last week broke on Tuesday night and has been beautiful since. The windows are open and its in the low 60s or hight 50s. I love Indiana for this reason. A cold front Tejas means the temperature does down to 93 with only 50 percent humidity AND may actually hit 80 overnight. Ha! The snow is worth a good summer night in Indiana.

Our loud and proud Indiana State Fair is just around the corner. I love state fairs. Texas has the mother of all state fairs. Indiana’s is fun. Horses, rabbits, sheep, goats, rednecks and WT everywhere. When I was uber preggo with Hamza and I had finally given up on work the week after he was due, my mother and I went to the state fair to see if we could walk that boy out. He didn’t even budge. Last year, while working as a volunteer at my agency’s booth, I had this gigantic WT farmer walk up to me, in denim overalls no less, and ask me where my dot was. What dot? That dot that you supposed to have on yer forehead. Where’s yer dot? While I like the concept that the HINDU dot stands for (third eye) I generally don’t wear one.

I must also share some online fun gaming info. I am finding out all the coolest online games from this dude: Jay. I think I stumbled onto his site while looking up Eyemaze or Tontie. He reviews and links all sorts of fun little gamelets. Speaking of eyemaze, they have up a new version of Grow called Grow RPG. Very similar to the original in layout, but some really cute action that takes place with baddies on the planet.

I think I need to sleep now. Adieu!


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I was in the bathroom over the weekend, one of many times, I assure you, with Hamza standing on the toilet watching me do my after shower vanity (as in sink, but I suppose it works the other way) routine. I began to do my hair which was freshy washed and needed drying. Hamza looks dead on at the blow dryer and says, “Hair fan?” From now on, I be usin’ a hair fan folks. *grin* Its almost as good as Tasmiya’s son with Helicopterfly.

Anyway, lets see. The terrible two officially start in a month. Fun fun. This is one feature I was not to get early, but alas such is not to be. Oy vey. DH thinks the son is spoiled rotten (the temper tantrums). I merely believe he is being 2, very 2. I am learning how to work through the rotteness to get my sweetheart little boy back.

Last week, after work one day, I was sitting at the computer in the den trying to catch a couple of personal minutes online when Hamza comes over to me, waits to get my attention, points at this nose and says, “Rock. Rock.” Yes he did it. He stuck a rock up his nostril like a good boy exploring his orifices. Thankfully, I got him to blow it out without a visit to the ER. And, he wasn’t scarred for life. The silly rock wasn’t hurting him. Not a tear,even for the ten minutes I was waiting for the dr. call back. Alhamdullilah he told me. Alhamdulillah it wasn’t a pea. Or corn. I have heard stories about that.

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London Mayor, while not condoning terrorism, says that the West fuels terror with double standards.

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I will never make it a point to quote stuff from WorldSmutDaily except for articles by Ellen Ratner. God love her, she makes it a point to be the lone liberal in any field of right wing nutsos. Therefore, she gets a good share of attention (she used to do color commentary for FauxNews) and a good job. Ratner is the head of small left wing DC news network called Talk Radio News Service. (If you need a kick@$$ internship in college, go see her.

Anyway, I saw this article of hers regarding the privatization of war and I thought y’all might enjoy it too.

The Privatization of War

Tell me what you think.

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Slap in the Face

Congressman suggests bombing Mecca as a possible retaliatory strike

I can’t tell you the gut blow this felt like when I saw this. But I will say this: you strike Mecca and you won’t get Muslims bowing over and weeping and giving up. You’ll get better than you gave and all of us moderates out here will probably become extremists. Think about it.

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Hola y como estas? Insha’allah, muy bien. En mi gymnasio, yo estudiaba (?) espanol para tres anos. He olvidado todo. Really. I am having to use a dictionary and a conjugations website just to get out those few sentences.

Amazingly enough, a very basic knowledge of espanol has stuck with me along with some vocabulary and I want to use it. Dh and I are trying to learn together. He will probably just start speaking fluently any day now (damn polyglot) while I struggle to translate in my head.

I need a spanish penpal of sorts so I can start learning again and using it so I retain it. If anyone wants to volunteer, please do so! 🙂

(BTW– I would try French if I had any background at all in it… That is hubby’s 2nd lingua franca)

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UmmAli made mentioned a few posts ago about the virtues of thrift store shopping. I totally agree. I used to be the Goodwill queen. I found great things there. But then I had Hamza. And shopping that involved shifting through racks and racks of stuff went out the window. The kiddo has no patience for it. Frankly, neither do I anymore.

The Salvation Army has recently opened and improved all the local stores around here. Does anyone else have qualms with shopping there? I don’t like funding religious groups, especially proselytizing ones like the SA. At some of what you spend at goodwill helps disabled and mentally challenged folks get jobs (after they pay that clown who does their commercials).

I actually found a beautiful kameez at goodwill once with an undergarment of linen. It was lovely and cheap. I hate to part with it, but someday soon, it will return to the goodwill ranks.

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