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Um, yeah.

I feel really stupid right now.  Instead of ranting about stretchy jeans just stretching out and looking all baggy…

… I should have just gone down a size.

Can you believe it?  I lost a jean size!  I bought two pairs of jeans last week and they are AWESOME.  And not much stretchy, I have to admit.  I kept that to the barest minimum on the tag (spandex – 1% is what the tags say instead of something like 30%).  Lo and behold, even I can buy a pair of jeans now.


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Today, kiddo and I went to lunch at McD’s… we were going to go with someone, but she flaked on me and I  had already told kiddo we were going…  So we went.

HE WENT DOWN THE SLIDE!  In all these weeks and months of going to McD’s, he’s absolutely refused to go down the enclosed slide they have in their behemoth playland.  Last week, he went on the one at chick fil a all by himself too…  Its like he finally figured out it was fun instead of a scarefest.


This weeks booklist:  (There are some repeats, please forgive)

1) Kiterunner.  I am working on this very slowly because other books keep catching my attention.

2) Heart and hands.  This is a practical guide to childbirth for a midwife or anyone wanting to give birth at home.  Really cool and very informatative.  Pictures are sometimes very graphic, so watch out for the kiddos.  If I keep reading this stuff, my son is going to figure half of the birds and bees before he’s four.

3) The Betrayal.  This is a Christian novel, so be forewarned.  However, on its behalf, its about the Amish which makes up for it being a Christian novel.  I have a secret love affair with the Amish.  I think I might someday try to become the first Muslim Amish.  I dig the clothes (shallow, yes), the community, the cooking (minus the pork), the barn raising and the fellowship and the big families.  Beverly Lewis (the author) carries a good plot line – I can give her that.  Her big drawback is that some of her writing style is childish and quirky.  I cannot tell if she is trying to imitate an Amish-ism in some of her writing style.  The one quirk that is absolutely driving me insane is the use of “ever so”.  I would be ever so happy if someone blah blah blah.  It would be ever so gut.  And on and on and on.  I can’t believe the Amish really use this THAT much.  Its really freaking annoying.

4) Ender’s Game.  Bedtime Comfort Reading.  Reads quick.  Very good Orson Scott Card.  It should be on a modern fiction reading list.

Speaking of modern fiction, what books have you read that you would consider to be essential reading from modern fiction.  When I say modern, I mean from the last century or so.  I don’t get into the 18th and 19th century novels – they bore me to tears.  British authors year in GT English darn near put an end to my educational career because they were all from that era.

On my list I would have:

  1. Left Hand of Darkness, Ursula LeGuin
  2. Stranger in a Strange Land, Heinlein
  3. Dune Series.  Frank Herbert
  4. Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card
  5. Songmaster, Card
  6. Just about anything from CJ Cherryh – she likes to write novels involving paradigm shift almost as much as LeGuin.  By her:  Faded Sun Series, Cyteen Series, Foreigner Series, all good.
  7.  1984, Orson Wells
  8. Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan.  I include this one more because I have been reading it for 15 years and the novels are STILL coming.  Jordan has some sort of cancer and now there’s panic that he won’t finish the series.  That would be a bad joke after 11 huge books.

So, instead of leaving me comments, lets make this a meme called Required Fiction of the 20th and 21st Centuries.  I tag ALL OF YOU.  Leave me a note when you have a list.  I need more books to read.

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Stretchy denim is a blight on my rear end (and probably yours too).  The stuff fits GREAT in the store — totally filled out, nice rear end cleavage, no saggy look in the back… and then you get home.  And all the sag that wasn’t supposed to be there happens.  All the stretchy jeans I have look great for 15 minutes or I sit down/bend down/move, whichever comes first.  And suddenly that saggy butt look I was trying to avoid is back.  Evil, evil, evil.   I need a good pair of jeans!!!  So bad!


Its raining outside.  I am stuck inside with Mr. Crabby Jr.  (I figured that I had to qualify that as there might be some confusion as to who Mr. Crabby was).  I really need to get him involved with some other kids soon.  We were at the park yesterday for a while with kids and he had a GREAT time.


I had something else to say… but MCJr totally blew it out of my mind.  Snack time does that.

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ABCs of Housekeeping

I obviously missed this a while back when Swistle tagged me… I am making up for it now.   And I need something mindless… so hear goes.

Oh, and I tag B. for this one.  Get some bloggin’ done missy.

Aprons- Y/N? Yes, One.  Its very Laura Ashley-ish with lots of little flowers and leaves.  It keeps me from getting the grease stains that never come out of my clothes.

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Brownies.  I don’t bake much.

Clothesline- Y/N? Wish I did.  I might string one up this summer on the patio.

Donuts- Ever made them? NOpe.

Everyday- One homemaking thing you do every day? Straighten the living room.

Freezer- Do you have a separate deep freezer? Nope.

Garbage Disposal- Y/N? Yes, and in the words of Weezy (PBS reference, not sit-com), Love it!

Handbook- Y/N? I don’t know about this one.  If I could have a handbook to life, love and the universe, I would use it.

Ironing- Love it or hate it? Gad.  I smite my iron and consign to the depths of my dungeon like understairs storage. If I would spend the money on a good iron and ironing board that didn’t wiggle, I might like it more.

Junk Drawer- Where is it? Kitchen, small drawer.

Kitchen- Design and decorating? I live in an apartment.  The kitchen is walk through (two entrances) galley.  I have about four feet of counter space and that’s it. My decorating is making sure the counter is clean.

Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking? I haven’t decided on this yet.  As a full time homemaker, I love not having to ‘cram’ housework.  Otherwise, I sort of like it when my son wants to cook with me.

Mop- Y/N? Yeah, i have one and its rusting on the patio.  I hand wash the little bits of linoleum we have in the kitchen and bathrooms.   Its not that much.

Nylons- Wash by hand or in the washer? Don’t own any!!!!  Muhahahahahahaha.

Oven- Do you use the window or open it to check? Both.  I need to smell it too.

Pizza- What do you put on yours? Cheese and mushrooms.  I do like the gourmet veg at Papa Murphy’s — its got spinich, zucchini and tons of other stuff.  I like beef sausage if I can find it…

Quiet- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Read, watch TV, computer.

Recipe card box- Y/N? I have one, I do not use it.

Style of house- Townhouse.  It feels bigger than  it is because of the stairs. Lucky me.

Tablecloths and napkins- Y/N? Yes and yes.  But the table is being used for the computer and we eat at the table in the living room and we do use napkins.  Paper ones.

Under the kitchen sink-Pans.  We have almost ZERO undercounter storage.  This is in direct disproportion to the other storage we do have (eight closets in a two bedroom).

Vacuum- How many times a week? Every other day in the living room.  Do not EVER under any circumstances have a black accent rug in your living room or you will have to vacuum it all the time.

Wash- How many loads do you do a week?  Four or five.  I do them on one day of the week at the laundromat.  Sometimes I miss having a W/D at home… but I don’t miss endless piles of laundry to be folded every single day.  Nicer to have to do it all at once.

Xs- Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? ONly when its really important.

Yard- Who does what?  We don’t have a yard of our own.  There is a yard outside, but its maintained by the complex.  As for the patio, I do it mostly until the husband gets sick of it and martyr cleans it.  (just like every other cleaning)

ZZs- What is your last homemaking task for the day? Cleaning up any toys that will piss me off to step on during the night or in the morning.

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My heart hurts

My heart hurts today.  Even though I know that things are really at an unworkable point and we are moving towards the divorce, I still wish we weren’t.  I didn’t want to have to start over.  I wanted to have a bunch of kids that all looked alike (don’t laugh at me, please) and a really great husband who was my best friend and we would long to do all sorts of things together but couldn’t because we had all these great kids.  And he would have a job we didn’t both hate and all that…

Husband is going to start apartment hunting this coming week and try to be out of the house within the month.  All I want to do is cry, sad to say.  We don’t get along very well and I won’t be missing much in the way of companionship, but I am sad that I will be alone.  Its very conflicting to have your head knowing one thing and your heart feeling another.

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I’ve gotten a few semi-weird comments from folks who aren’t exactly on top of the situation here and I wanted to just recap:

  • We are still living together, husband and I, probably through the end of May (the end of our lease.
  • We’ve had problems from the start of our marriage.  We each married someone we thought we could change and mold.  It didn’t work for either of us.
  • We did not have an explosive argument and make decisions in the heat of the moment.
  • As muslims, we can either live together amicably or divorce amicably.  Since we can’t do the first, we are trying the second.

Are we copa now?

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That was different


Start a working separation and, voila!, we get a decent conversation in our home.  Go figure.

Husband and I spent an hour or more talking last night about our son, what our plans are beyond “us” and it was the man I remembered from before we got married.  He was interesting to talk to.  Too bad he doesn’t know how to translate that into married life.

As it stands, I’m going to stay in the apartment, he’s going to find someplace nearby that won’t bankrupt him for a one bedroom.  He’s expecting me to go back to work sooner than I plan on.  I am going to still stay at home for a year (I can do this financially right now out of the savings I had for a house that we didn’t buy).

Without anything vested other than our son’s well being, it was really pleasant.  Not that gut-wrenching you expect from this – we’re past that right now.  Thank God.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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